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Good day! Ye will apparently be surprised by the writing. I m just begining to dating through the Internet. Seems I open the gate that was not known. For me, this something new and it seems me that I already plenty ancient for all this. I begin to feel that I do not catch up with rate of the world that is near. I decided to keep up! And try to use modern technologies for dating! I ll go to the main thing. I live in Russia. What country do you live in? I am forty nine years aged. I am not here for jokes. I m interested in personal acquaintance and start ing of an adult relationship. I really hope that thou ll text me. My emotional state for now doesn t allow me to start writing a lot at once. Cause I still feel bit afraid. I say that ye will get my more confident and informative answer the only if you answer to this text.

If you are interested Please reply ONLY to my regular mailbox:

Wait your thine reaction!