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Hope your day is going well ? METH74 , Mariyanne J. Thompson here
Dear xxx

Pleasure was mine replying and Thanks for this mail too. Glad you liked pictures I sent , I love the beaches alot and Love to be happy and smile always too. I do find life very short to be sad and think about the past , I m doing well and xxx getting ready for town. You re doing well with English xxx since I understand that isn t your fluent language in Germany.

I was recommended by a friend to try AFF , new there if I would say. Looking to also find a serious relationship leading to marriage, A man very honest and wanting to build a wonderful family together and Be happy always. Very loving and Find myself well brought up. Caring , understanding supportive and Honest not to forget Faithful too. Very hardworking and affectionate , love pets and enjoy exploring new areas and learning different cultures. Dislike liars , cheats and dishonest people.

Single with no Kids and never been married before. Don t smoke , drink and gamble too. Favorite place is the beach , love sports reading books. Enjoy spending quality time with the right person indoors holding each other s hands, kissing and cuddling whilst Watching movies together. Love listening to music and dancing.

Willing to relocate with the right person anywhere he may be and would also love to get married and have kids as well.To be honest with you , I do find you as a perfect match xxx and looking forward into getting to know you more. If i may ask , Do you have MSN Messenger or Yahoo Instant Messenger ? Would be nice chatting more often after getting home from work.

Need to get going now xxx. Wishing you a blessed wonderful day and Know I care.