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First, I want to thank you for the fact that responded. I will make a reservation at once, not you responded on my inquiry only,
but I wanted to answer you. Why? I don t know. At the level of an intuition which, I hope I didn t bring me.
If our acquaintance continues (I sincerely hope for it), we still will be able to know each other better. Right?
Secondly, that you knew with someone you communicate, briefly I will tell about myself.
My name is Lena. I am 28 years old. I was married nearly three years. But two years ago the husband died in road accident.
No children. Now I live with mom and the sister who for 12 years is younger than me. The father lives in other city, and he has other family long ago.
Secondary special education. I graduated from college. By profession in the diploma I am a technologist of sewing production.
But five years I work as the transport logistician. Conveniently. It is possible to communicate with consignors and drivers of heavy trucks and from the house.
So to any concrete workplace I am not attached, I can though from space to work
I like cooking. To especially bake cakes. Well I sew. Happens, it I earn additionally.
In the mornings I run in the park, two-three times a week go to fitness club. I like to travel.
I visited a half of Russia, few times there was in Turkey and one – in Montenegro. I love very much to watch film at movie theater, on the big screen.
And with a popcorn bucket. It doesn t influence a figure, I am a sportswoman! (look at a photo)
And in what you are engaged? Whether we were married? Do you have children? Hobby? Write! I want to learn about you more.
Also ask that you want to learn about me.
Sincerely I hope, our acquaintance will continue therefore on long I don t say goodbye.
Best regards, Lena.