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Hello Dear Peter,
How are you doing? I hope you are okay and kicking as i am doing here ... My user name on passion is (Naany ) you gave me your email address on there so i am writing to check on you if i got your email address right ... Can t wait to hear back from you soon baby

Hello Baby,
Good to hear from you again ... You sound like a very good man and a real man , you know exactly what you looking for like ... I like your pictures , well it sounds like we have a lot in common .... I don t smoke, drink and gamble , there is nothing wrong with your English , i understood everything you said in your email ... I am a very honest and a truthful woman and i am looking for a real man who knows the true meaning of love , i am not on here for head games , a lot of men have sent me emails on AFF but never wrote to them because they don t sound like serious men ... I sent you an email because you sounded great and you know what you looking for on here .. Please never play or toil with my heart , i never want to get hurt sweetness ....

Well am an African... My mum from south Africa and dad from Ghana but dad has passed away years back so am with mum and my younger brother , but am willing and ready to relocate to you if things works out well with us ..... I speak Afrikaans and English ....I m a graduate from the university were i studied political science and now have a degree in law .. Not yet working as i want to settle down first before going into the law firm ...Well who knows you just my ideal man Hahahaha... My manners are not as polished as I would like for them to be. Maybe you can help me with that. However, I am the grand daughter of a Southern gentlemen, and he had expectations regarding being polite and helpful, opening doors and offering seats to men and older folks that I think are important. Good manners never go out of style. Most people who are around me very much would describe me a funny, and I certainly laugh at myself. I am non-judgmental and outspoken when I think someone is wrong, especially if they are hurting someone else. However, I delight in diversity, have a broad group of friends with very different backgrounds believe strongly that everyone has the right to march to their own drummer. I certainly do. I have always felt rewarded by helping someone else be the best that they could be, and I have wondered what the world would be like if everyone practiced that. I am a very loyal person. However, I have a strong aversion to jealousy. And, having a man call me just to check up on me to make sure I am not doing something he disapproves of or am with someone else really sets me off. If you love someone, you must trust them.. I do not believe there can be love without trust. A man who doesn t trust me, doesn t love me. he is simply manipulating me for his own satisfaction. Conversely, if you trust me, I will do everything I can to not betray that trust. In terms of being able to reach me, But i promise my self i will drop one of career to make sure I be with the person I love. I really want to settle down this time... I do believe I fit the stereotype. I am an easy-going person, kind, loyal, appreciation who is optimistic about life. I am a hopeless romantic but never show it to any man i don t feel for.I want to spend my time with someone making great memories. I d like someone wanting to explore life and who is curious about nearly everything. I would, in turn, like to be appreciated for the fine lady I am and for all my creative outlets. I m pretty comfortable to be around; I have a broad perspective of life and am not very judgmental of others. I ll probably like your friends, too. I could use a few more just kidding.Just have pretty eyes, a good heart, above average intelligence with an open mind, be healthy and fit, and have a good sense of humor and you ll go a long way with me,You know Someone to spend all that free time with and Summers I spent at the pool side cooking and swimming with the occasional trip to the beach. Winters I spent camping, sight seeing... It would be nice to discuss the daily events with someone who is interested, aware and has an opinion of whats happening in the world today, the good and the bad,I enjoy cooking, playing golf but not good at it, and use to play grass and beach volleyball. I find interest in just about anything even if it isn t something that I am not particularly interested in... I value integrity, loyalty, honesty and a man that has a true sense of himself. We have all had our tough times in life but I hope you have already dealt with the baggage and find yourself happy and secure. I have been very fortunate to achieve my goals both professional and personal. I feel that I am mentally free and have nothing to prove to myself or others and therefore I am now able to focus on a building a committed relationship and enjoying the rest of life exploring the worlds wonders. I hope you are too. People say that I am smart. What others see as smart I see as common sense. You will have to be the judge. I am very spontaneous but also very much an organizer when necessary.. I love music and laughter. Life is too short not to smile, dance, and have fun. I think we need to laugh at ourselves more. We take ourselves too seriously sometimes. So what about you? If you are looking for diversity, fun, responsibility, commitment, friendship and loyalty then you meet the right person. No, I don t have a confidence problem but I am humble. I know myself very well. Most all people tell me that I can talk about anything. I thank my parents for that. They have exposed me to so much in my life. I enjoy the arts very much or should I should say artistic design..Well,don t have much to say and hoping to hear from you soon...Take care

All Yours