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Hello am Bonike Adelenu,i am presently in university studying computer
science.i like to go out for free and loyal i gives respect to
elders and i believe i also deserve respect from orders..i will tell you
more about me when i get to know you i just got on this lovely site
adultfreindfinder,i work as a clerk in a insurance company in my area
also am searching for a love....i want to be your freind if you dont
mind,thanks from your new friend.

Looking forward to read from you soon. many hours does it takes you to write all this to me?i
know you have alot of interest in me and you are a serious
story is almost same as yours cause i never find real since the very day
i decided to live my own life...i will tell you more about me and send
you pics later here is my msn we have a
talk?do you have a free time to chat at work or it only when you get
home by 5pm?moreover thanks for the pics they are nice and good looking.
I will be waiting for your lovely mail
I accept all about you and i am very serious about getting married.i
like your pics and i also dream to live in germany sleep with you on the
same bed woke up together cock your favourite food eat together and when
we have kids i will take care of them take them to school all the day
pick them afternoon

i have never traveled out of my country before..but i have a little
ideas cause some one related to me as traveled out before and then he
receive an invitation letter and he applied for a visa at the
if you can as well send me an invitation letter i will be more than
happy to receive that from you..

i will always send you mail ok...i have been thinking of you since you
have send me the pics including your naked pics..umm am sorry i should
have taken a naked pics of mine and send you but i am a type that shy
and for my own respect i dont have to show you until i get to you in
germany and show you face2face but i will always send you pics of me

i want you to think of me all the time even when you at work,dream of me
all the time,have me in mind and also remember that you have some one
that love you

you are my sugar boy and i want to be your sugar girl how long is your
dick?wont your dick be too long for me??how will i feel when you force
you dick in my hole am a virgin girl i never sleept with a man in my

Tell me what you will do to me when am there with you,
i says yes for you

I will be expecting your mail
and again am Bonike Adelenu not Rose Johnson but i used this mail cause
it my office email.
Your real love
Rose Johnson
this romantic message for you before work
For me to apply for a visa to germany i need an invitation letter so
please go to the embassy and request for an invation letter and send it
to me through parcel so that i can continue with the visa
processing..there are many travel agency here but i dont think i can do
this alone cause it takes alot of money to get a visa..the money with me
was not planed for a visa it my school fees 250.000.00 naira
approximately to your europe money its about 1,500 euro.and am going to
bank tomorrow to pay all to my school account so for visa applying i
will need invitation letter from you first.

you want to lickme?and suck me?that would be the great thing for
nipples is hard and will you fuck me?hard or slowly?for the
first time blood will come out from my pussy right?yesterday when am
sleeping i can imagine your face imagine you fucking me hard and am
shouting OMG oh my god.

talk to you later my love
Bonike love you
Rose Johnson
Hello baby

how are you doing today is very thing fine with you?you have not send me
mails today hope there is no problem?your mail makes me happy and it
enough for me to eat and satisfy..please i need your mail before i go to

Your love
Rose Johnson
Did you purposely dont reply me?you are breaking my heart.
Rose Johnson
Hi i went to the embassy on friday to apply for a visa i no all i need
to get the visa now/do you still want me to come to germany?

i will be waiting to read from you
Rose Johnson
Good morning..

Rose Johnson
Good morning

I guess you dont want me in your life and you ignoring me fine..i know
god will give me my lover on day
Rose Johnson