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l got your message in passion .com and l am now mailing you here for you to know that l am real serious looking for some one serious in my life and l will be happy if we will be true and serious to each other ,,,...

l have enclose with pics of me and l really hope you really like them and l will be happy to have some from you too,,,,

l hope to hear from you soon

Hello my daer love,,
Thank you very much my dear l am very happy in my life to have yopu in my life because since l lost my boyfriend 3 years ago l have never be with a man all because l am looking for honest and gentle man like you in my life so now that l have you l am not going to look for any one else in my life...

l am really happy alot but 2 of us must be serious and trust each other and l hope soon l can meet you there for us to build a great family and live to have good and nice kids..

Dear one important thing kis that 2 of us must stop searching for others and write alone because l am here only looking for lone man to meet and marry so l think there is no need for me to search for other since l have you now ..

we , l am Abigail Asante, l live with my parents in a small village here, l am 27 years now , donot think about age because age is numbers l only seek real and serious man in my life , so l am happy to have you in my life and l will proof to you that l am real and serious woman to you dear.

yes dear as you can see my pics l am real slim sexsy woman and l can have sex with you all night , when ever you need my sex l am there for you and wwill make you happy dear,,, and l want you to know thaT l am ever ready for you to come and live with you there to build a great family together,,,

l am 5.7ft, l am 130lb, l aM very honest , serious, repectful, and sexy and l give respect to my man...

so dear lets be serious from now and chat alone and see how l can come to you and marry you and my family will be happy for this because they always ask me to find my man to marry and l told them to wait and l will get my man and l have you now in my life and l will introduce you to my parents and l bet you they will nbe happy to hear this my daer and l will be happy too dear..

my love l hope to hear from you soon