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Hello dear werner
I got touched after i recive your email adress at adult friendfinder.
I hope you are really
serious to meet your right rib. I come from Africa and I m sweet
black lady. I would like to join my true love with you for better

Now something about my self. I’m a Ghanaian sweet loving single lady and average slim
figure, lovely charming face and romantic sweet eyes. Ghana is in the
coast of Africa continent.
My hobbies include listen to good music, making of love, meeting
cooking, sports, swimming and beach resort. I am working as seceretary in a travel agency here in ghana and i schooled in uk for 3 years before coming to ghana,I’m honest in love and life,
submissive, open, broadminded, polite, with good sense of humour,
and caring.
I m not a pen pal writer, but with s sincere aim to meet a serious,
reliable, honest and responsible gentleman for a real love and
marriage if
we are compartible to each other. Who knows, I may be your right rib
you ve
been waiting for.

Please write back to me soon and tell me more about yourself. rose
Hello my sweet one werner.
Thank you for your reply, A little about me in the meant time.
I am a very genuine person, who is sincere, honest, loyal and romantic.
I do
not lie, and i do not cheat.
I am caring, kind and affectionate. I like all types of music, i enjoy
singing, although i cant!
i like cinema, watching movies, and going for nice romantic meals.

i have one brother, an am very close to my mother and father and
i have no pets, but i like cats and dogs, and would like one one day.
i wish to meet somone who is the same as me, and to share laughs,
jokes, sad
days and happy days, someone who is not only my friend, lover and
but also my strength, as i will be to them.
i hope this person will be you. .
a feeling that we are meant to be. i hope this is true, an not just
amazement at your beauty.
i believe life is all about chances, and love is the biggest one, so my
question to you is this,
are you willing to take a chance on love? on me? i mean once you have
my photo and we have
talked a bit, would you be willing to take that chance and be with me
make a start on a life together? to then move on where we would live
I am ready to take that chance. Are you?
Please write back and tell me all about you. What you like and dont
and dont forget to answer my question.
I do not think that if two people are willing to take that chance, that
or distance can be a problem,you have realy make me very happy
and my dear i have been in dusseldorff before and was in moers,
you sound to be the man am looking for and its true meeting is
the only way we can know each other and am ready to meet you
in germany and stay there with you and build a nice family togther,
i like sex but with the right man and i know me and you will enjoy sex alot
and we will have nice family togther.
If there is anythin else you wish to know about me, please just ask. i
answer write good english and i dont have problem with
your english at all.
I hope to hear from you soon.rose
I m well touched about your words. What makes me feel very special about you is that, you have telling me the truth of your life . I like the way you sound more honest. That speaks well of you, and i can t wait to meet you face to face in the soon. All I need from you is the continous sincerity.
You sound like the type of man my heart really desire to meet soon for a real love. Now let me aslo tell you something about my self now. I m very submissive, honest in life and love, polite, comforter, open minded, loving and caring.

Sorry to say I lost my former man in a motor accident in england which occurred about some years ago and decide to be single till now.,i live with my parents and am the last born in the family among 4 men and they are all on their own now.
I m very decent, clean and neat. I have absented my self from sex relationship since some years ago. I have remained very faithfully to myself and now is the time the opportunity has come for me to get marry. This is my second time to go by internet dating and with the hope that I will meet my sweet soulmate for the rest of life. I hope you will be my last stop to my search since I don t want to go any further,i like moers alot and yes i will like to come to you as a visitor for some weeks and know each other very well,when do you want me to come?

Feel free to ask me anything you would like to know from me. I will stop from here. Take good care and write back to me soon.
hug and kiss
good morning werner,i havent heard from you and hope you recive my mail yesterday,pleawe let me know how are you are doing,
am happy to hear from you again and my dear i do think alot about you and am praying so that you can solve your problem at work so that we can be in contact with each other everyday,because comunication is very important in building a relationship,my dear am not a dancer but the dress i wear i was in a festival.but some times i do host a program on tv,i will like to meet you soon ok,have a good day at work..rose