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Desk of Mr. Philip Oduazu
United Bank of Africa (U.B.A)
Transfer Department


$8.5 Million IN FAVOUR OF YOU

Good morning to you and how was your day? Please during our resumption
meeting this morning, a lady by name Mrs. Young Adams walked into our
office crying with tears all over her, stating and confirming to us that
you were involved in a very serious car accident that lead to your death
and she is your next of kin, presenting to us an account information saying
that before you gave up, that you have already asked her to claim your
Fund. She said that you instructed before your death that we should pay her
all the entitlement that belongs to you, which as I speak to you now, we
are about to begin the transfer procedure due to the pathetic story that is
full of compassion.

So in order to be on the safe side in this transaction and to avoid
mistakes and troubles from anyone. This is why this notice is coming to you
and this serious question....ARE YOU STILL ALIVE? If yes please do not
waste time to get back to me because i will not be held responsible for any
loss of fund and hitches because i have notified you before the transfer
will be made, Again do not think that your fund is with United Bank of
Africa (U.B.A) after the transfer for your fund to the woman, if you do not
answer and follow our instructions now.

I have booked another appointment with her tomorrow and after due
consultation with the bank executives this morning, it was resolved that
all fees be WAIVED except for the handling and processing fee for the
transaction. The handling and processing fee will only cost you the sum of
$100, which is the only and remaining fee you must pay in order to ensure
that your funds are intact for transfer in the next 48 hours from this
notice in your own desired account. So if you are alive, you have no choice
than to get back to me with immediate effect with the required payment
details of the $100, which you are advised to send to my personal
assistance, which I will forward to you upon your response If you know that
you will not send the fee, forget it, because she has promised to give us
$5,550 for the transfer. We are very sorry for any inconveniences this must
have brought to you in any way. We are here to serve you as our word is our
bond to you. Confirm the receipt of this and get back to me without delay
and be rest assured that you will be happy you got back to us.

Note:confirm your full Bank details/credentials for immediate transfer.

Mr Philip Oduazu
Transfer Department
United Bank of Africa (U.B.A)