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hi it me kate from aff
Discipline and Obedience

i will at all time remain completely Obedient and will be fully
disciplined when ever master feel i am deserve to get good punishment
from him and also i shall remain totally obedient i will only do what
is asked of me to be done by my master and also will never at any time
disobey my great One as he is my superior one and will always remain
totally obedient to him 100% obedient will be my watch work i must and
will be obedient at all time to my special Master will never at any
time disrespect my master never

Body for my master

my body will be at all time for my masters pleasure i am no longer
allowed to use my body my body and soul shall be for my masters
pleasure he can use it for anything he so much pleases him and also
any my master can put a brand on me upon my arrival from airport and
have me used for his great pleasure alone shall not be used of fucked
by no other person other than my master he owns me and he shall make
good use of me to him pleasant pleasure alone and also for my master i
am just an object and will be used as his property at any time any
where any moment he so much wishes like and any way he likes to use me
i am nothing other than just an object.

clothing and dressing

i dress only in the way my master wants me to dress he will only order
me on what i wear where i wear it to when i wear it and also when in
the house as his slave mostly i will remain nude or master will
provide me with a cloth that can expose all my private part so he can
have access to see me at any time he wishes.


Master will only give me orders on who i speak with when i speak, when
i eat when i bath, when i sleep ,when i do anything when i pee, when
i talk, when i shit ,what cloth i wear, anything he wants me to do i
must remain under his orders before i can do anything at all as i am
owned by my superior one.


my masters pleasure must be first he must always have his own pleasure
and slave must take pain for my masters pleasure slaves pleasure is
never important at any time my body is no longer owned by me so my
cunt, tit, ass,any sensitive part of me will never be touched with out
permission from my superior one and also my orgasm will also be fully
controlled i must take full permission from my superior one before i
can have one my pleasure is never allowed and important.

Pleasure to my Master

i shall always be happy to have my masters cock sucked at any time i
am called upon to do that and also i will lick my masters balls from
the ass hole to the cock head and then will always be gad to have
master use all my 3 holes these will be will done for my masters
pleasure in any way he so much wants it done and also i will submit
totally to my master for full body used for his great pleasure and my
pleasure is not important all at these time and i am deserved to get
full pain and cry when my master gives me pain and i should not shout
when crying my tears are what should give my master pleasure and also
good time he is given me pain.


i shall be fully humiliated in the way my master wishes and i should
completely obey at any time i am ordered to do anything for me to get
humiliated for my great master pleasure.

House duty

As a slave i am i will not just be a sex slut i will also do all house
works and also serve my master cook my masters food clean the house at
all time wash masters cloths and also if master likes he can make me
work to make money for helping the masters home my masters home must
be completely clean at all time i shall be fully punished if i my
duties are not well done.

I Slave kate smith hereby states here that all i have said here i will
completely abide to them and at anytime if i disobey it i should be
will punished in any way my master feels i deserves the punishment.

Sir i would love to ask you some questions Sir.

1: Have you ever own a slave before?

2: Are you married Sir?

3: Do you want your slave to relocate? if yes how?

Big Hugs and Kisses to You Sir.

Your property
slave kate
how are you doing
hi how are you doing and how is every thing
it has been long i had from you what is going on there hope Every thing is ok