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Well I ll take this
opportunity to tell you about myself. my name is Rita,I m 173cm tall, average in body when describing, I have brown hair and hazel eyes,.
I like asking questions a lot so I sometimes become boring to others, I love meeting different kinds of people, people do like me a lot, why because of the warm welcome and a good reception I offer them, so I m kind of loving, caring, humble and social. I love
reading a lot, I’m very creative especially when it
comes to jokes,I always compete with my friends with that, but no one comes out to be champion since we re all great when it comes to jokes. My favorite pets are cat and dog. My past relationship wasn’t successful, but its cool because life still goes on, My aim in life is to achieve all the purposes that is in store for me and aside that to get someone who’s loving, sweet, caring and gentle to spend the rest of my life with, He
should be my Mr. right.I m single, never married before, have no kids, I am somehow romantic and passionate, I have a little idea when it comes to love making, and at least have knowledge on how to please my man. I can make you very happy. My favorite color
is sky blue and yellow. What’s yours? I also believe in honesty and straight forwardness, when I offend you, I didn’t mean to do that, so let me know and I ll quickly apologize, so please don’t keep it within you. I really love having fun a lot, I’m an outgoing girl, also knows
how to take very good care of my self.hmmmm!!! What else do you want to know? Everything? Let me know and I ll tell you.
What are some of your likes and dislike? Do you have any bad character? Are you bad tempered? Do you throw your hands when you get upset? Let me know. How many women
have you loved from your heart and how many have you had a nightstand? Do u smoke? Drink? Tell me more. I m a social drinker, never smoke.please tell me everything about you; I’m going to show you my true gift of romance if the need ever arise.And when did u start using the Internet? I only started recently, tell me more about you.Thank you so much and hope to hear from you
soon with some pictures.
Kisses and Hugs
Hi dear how are you doing this morning i am not all that sure about the time there now.thanks for your reply to me,here some something more about me and my father and mother ok i would like have a chat with you on internet to know each other better.dear iam very sorry i have not beeing reply to your email my sevese proveder had some internet problem that is why had not been come online to reply to you. Hello thanks for your mail and i will now tell you more about my self. i was born in 25 September 1975 to the late Mr Padmore wood and my mum who is alive miss Joyce Padmore. I was born in UK with my parents to be precisely Scotland and we were living in a region called Baltinoran, Meath my dear and i was very young by then and after the death of my father my dad family were treating my mum very bad so i relocated with my mum to her motherland which is Ghana.I left there with my mum when i was at the age of i think 7year my dad met my mum in china when my mum was there for her clothing importation business here and my dad was also there for a summer holidays,They met and got hook up and my dad was a civil engineer and was also a gold merchants who use to trade gold in Africa,so they gave birth to me here in UK and we were there until the sudden death of my father. i had most of my education here in Ghana.With i attended mfantiman girls secondary school in Ghana and when i was in school i studied science but i was good in biology and physics and pass marks all the time in chemistry and added mathematics when i was in secondary school now called senior high school i use to play volley ball for my school and i was the assistant captain of the school team.I quite remember we had a very touch match against another school in our municipal and both schools were archival and we went for training when i picked up injury. I was sideline but our school coach who knew the potential in me added me to the team sheet although i was not feeling well our school was down during the second set and i was called to come in with a bandage tie to my knee but i came as a shock with enough energy into the team and we won the third set and it was all good and i was risen up and many people came to me to shake hands and some mates of me demanding my autograph and for some few days in school i felt like a star,All was fun and sometimes i use to remember secondary school days.Now i have further my education as a nursing of cape coast(ucc) i am in my late year who is going to graduate very soon from nursing school.this is my course as a nurse specialized in Accident and Emergency.let me tell you some small about my pass relationship i got hook up with a guy who work in a renowned bank known in the world that is Barclay s bank the Ghana branch we were there for about 4 years when i quite from the relationship since i found out that he was dating another woman behind me and my heart could not stand that so i opted to quite from the relationship.I began to have hatred for men but with the advice and help of my mum i am doing well. we were apart the year 2008 but we were still having contact until the year 2009, when we decided to separated completely.As you said in your profile age is just a number and you ask why young men are and i didn,t go for them anyone have what he or her want ok
dear.I know you may have in your mind why i don t have children at my age, my dear with me bringing forth is a big decision in life for me since i don t want my children to suffer but them to have good life with good education So when i was my with ex-guy i was studying him and i got to relaise that his behavior which i did not like is i caught him so many times with him dating other women and i reported that to his parents and my mum too so we were called i think the year 2007 and they talk to us and my mum advised me that i should be patients since he will change so the feeling of having children with him was not there so i had wanted to be sure that he was the man i am going to be with him through out my life so i was some how doubting him. and finally and so sad my feelings was right and we separated dear but with you i am looking forward that ll goes on well and may be you can give me a nice bouncing baby boy or on the lighter side we can have our football team made dear...

Well my dear i think after reading this mail you it will tell you more about me and you are welcome to ask me any questions you wants to know...Take care and have a nice time.Kiss and hugs from me to you..

Stay Bless..