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Hi Janiek,

I was so amazed after reading your mail, guess why?? cos i never thought any man would be interested in a lady who is just trying to find love on the internet, i have tried so many ways to get men to notice me, i know it sounds crazy but i guess I m not just lucky with men, and when i get to meet a man i fall in the hands of terrible ones who were not ready to settle down for any relationship...and that just hurts me so bad,I have been hurt several times in the past and i seek to God for peace..i want to settle down and i hope someday i will find the man to love me as much i would love him...I don t want to go through heart breaks anymore, it took me so long to get over my last heart break and i know how it feels to be hurt,you would understand me much more better if you were a lady,There are so much to say lol but but i will keep rest for next time since its our first communication, I m Originally from Owensboro in Kenturky, I was born and raised here but right now I m in Nigeria visiting my mom,she is from Africa ,She moved down to African after the death of my Dad, I ll tell you more as we get to know more about each other but i hope i didn t scare you away with the distance and you didn t lost your interest in me,I ll be coming back to the states soon and thats after Mom gets better,and i hope you have no problem with the distance.I have this dream that someday i will relocate with the right man that would love me for me and make happy like i want to be happy..I will know when i find him but i don t wanna experience anymore heart breaks and i want my man to be honest and sincere with me as i would do the same. I will like to get to know you more and see what goes off this conversation.I hope the distance won t be a problem to you.....Anyway, hit me back, if you are still interested in getting to know me. I would be glad to read from you again...

Take care and do have a lovely day..

Hello Janiek,

How are you ?Thanks a lot for responding, I really appreciate your comment about my picture, I find you attractive, handsome and I m curious to know why you don t have a woman in your life. Anyway, I know same goes to me, I don t want any man, I want a real and matured man, someone to love me for me and be there for me when i need him, It seems all the younger men out there just wants to have sex and not be committed in a serious relationship, There is more in a relationship than just to have sex and i hope you know that,Well,I like to do all the normal things that a human loves doing. I want to find my best friend and lover wrapped up into one.I guess best friend and lover wrapped up into one really doesn t describe it the way I would like.I want to meet that life partner that I can not wait to wake up in the morning to see or get home from work to share smiles, laughs and good conversation.I want to be able to pick up the phone at work and tell that special somebody what the goofy person in the next office over just did. I would like to meet that one person the person that will love me as much as I love will love her,And also show each other the love in little special ways,Send lovely Ecards for no reasons or cook some soup when you are feeling under the weather. I guess you get the hint. I m a sucker for romance and I do believe that my one love is out there,I am sick and tired of games!!!!, I want something real, A relationship that could last forever, I would be looking forward to read from you.
Dying to read from you again.....
Amanda ......
Hey i havent had from you yet Hope everything is fine