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Nice Pics u ve get! thanks for the reply. am very happy to hear from u. am stella by name.
Thanks so much for the reply i am so delighted to hear from u and i say a very BIG thanks for ur nice pictures. i truely appreciate them and i strongly believe this isthe begining of greater things. u sound to be very nice and friendly i also agreed that we can start a communication and check out our personality.

let me also introduce myself My name is Stella Aitafo and I was born in 1987 and I live inNigeria. I am 5.5ft tall with a weight from (50 kg). My hair was black.

am presently schoolin and working, i work in a cyber cafe with abt 100miles from my home i leave my home by 9am and return by 9pm. i live with mum in a small city as well (Sango Ota)

In my freetime I prefer to relax somtimes i hang out with friends maybe go swimming or watch movies
I don t smoke, I don t drink and I don t gamble

i av I tried to find a man, who will love and take gud care of me and finaly be my MR. RIGHT. i am social friendly and easy good, i can go a long way to make my partner happy. i strongly believe we can make things out together. my decison abt this relationship is YES.
hope to hear fromu soon.

Lots of LOVE
Honey thank for your mail. you are right about your decision to change your life, i av sincerely made up my mind to spend the rest of my life with you, so i dont mind coming to Germany. i realy have to work hard in order to make enough money so i can pay a visit to Germany then later relocate to live with you. i desire that we both take this chance.
Have a wondeful day ahead,
Lots of Love
hi honey,
i hav nt heard from you for a while, i hope all is well with you, i miss you so much.i love u. i hope to hear from u soonest. take care of urself. once again i love u.
Honey am very delighted to hear from you once again. i ll be so glad to be ur guest in Germany. dat mean i ll hav to take a leave from work. but the problem is i dont have enough money to take me to Germany. and i dont know who will be willing to help with the fee for the transportation. how long do you want me to be your guest? i realy wish i can come. hope to hear from you.
lots of love
honey u havnt replied my last mail, u seems very busy dis days, hope u are gud? and how is work? i miss so much just cant wait to be with you. honey can i have a chat with you i realy need to talk to you my love because i miss u so much.
i love you
Alright my love, thanks for ur understanding, i ll try to make every enquiry about the visa today then ill get back to you tomorrow to let u know the total cost of every thing. i have aready called a visa agent and i ll be having a meeting with him later today. thanks so much my love. how are u doin? hope u are gud? i miss u so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhh just cant wait to be with you. i sincerely love you far more than u imagine.
from stella
honey how are u doing, hope u are good? honey spoke with the agent and sent u the total cost. well i didn t get Ur response. i realy cant wait to be with you, to be cuddle in your arms..honey i think i alread told you everything about the cost..I spoke with the agent and he told me all what and what will be needed..i was told the visa cost 300$ and ticket fee is 650$ then i ll also have to get a passport which will cost 200$, to summary everything the total is 1150$...i ll start processing the everything as soon as u send the funds through western union And he told me it would only take him for some weeks for me to get over to you there babe i can;t wait to be in your arms i love you with all my heart babe and can; wait to be in your house just as your wife...From the very first moment I saw you I knew that we were destined to be together. It has been so long since a man has captured my attention so fully or made my heart beat the way it did that cool day. Your smile lights up my entire spirit. Your laughter fills me with joy, and i strongly belive your mere presence will warm any room. I have no doubt you are the man Heaven has made especially for me...
my darling xxx,

i hope u are feeling good? how is work goin over there in germany? strongly believe all is well.

honestly am the most happiest girl in town hearing from you. thanks so much my honey. i realy cant wait to come to germany to hold ur hands walk alone with you. this has alway been my dream ever since will met. i cant just hep myself of this ecitement. finding you, chatting online, confessing my love, and then it happens all over again. The feelings that I’ve felt for you all along begin to resurface. Only this time, I am free to act on them without fear of upsetting anyone.

Thank you, janiek. What more can a woman say to the man who opened his heart to her, allowing her to feel the warmth of his love across the great distance that separates them? You truly have no idea what I feel for you.

I try to put this feeling into words, but fail miserably. This feeling of being both scared and at peace, of having both butterflies and a sense of calm, is a feeling that I have only dreamed about. As the days continue to pass, my love for you continues to grow. I never thought I had the capacity to love anybody as much as I love you right now. Yet, my love for you continues to mature, growing beyond the realm of my heart. It seems that you have become the fiber of my soul, the very reason for my existence.

I have no other words to describe the way you make me feel. No words, no actions could even come close. I believe that Ronald Regan said it best to Nancy in a letter, telling her only that, "I more than love you". Their love was a strong love, surviving everything, even death. I believe that even after his passing, Nancy felt Ronald s love for her raining down upon her. That is why she has always seemed at peace after the death of such a truly loving husband. That is the love that I feel for you.

i love you far more than u imagine.

Lot of loves

yours Stella.
Hello my love,
How are you doing today?how is work and the weather i hope all is well with you Am so sorry that i couldn t get back to you for couple of days its just that i have been trying to get hold of my travel agent i hope you don t feel bad honey i miss you ..
well darling i have been able to get in contact with the travel agent today.You will have to send the money to him cuss i don t have a valid passport yet to get the money from western union when sent ...i would like you to talk to him today cuss i told him that my husband(you)will send him the money,Here s his phone number(+2348067020936)
Here s His info
Honey get back to me with all the transaction details from western union soon as you get the money sent.
Hi Darling...I am so glad reading from you.Well i got the e-mail you sent to me..Well i would need the details to pick up the funds as soon as you send the Money..Here are the information i need.
Senders full name
MTCN 10 digit Number
Senders Address
Senders Zipcode
Text Questions and Answer Which i believe is the same thing as i gave to you earlier.
I hope to read from you as soon as you get this done...I will forever cherish your soon
hello honey, please immediately u do the transaction please forward the details to my mobile phone cos i am not going to have access to the computer today. here is my mobile number +2348025147071. i ll also love to have ur mobile number so i can talk to u on phone and hear your sweet voice. thanks
Hi Darling,
Thanks for the e-mail..I got the Western Union Details.Honey i cant get the Money Picked up today so i have to wait till Monday.I have to go to Church for Choir Pratice and did some home chore so it was late before i get all of them done and the bank might have closed.I will pick them up on Monday.I will let you know when i pick the funds up..Thanks for your love and care...May God bless you and i cant wait to meet you real soon..When we get to talk i would discuss lot of things with you..Is that ok by you?..I hope to read from you..I enjoy getting e-mails from you..Take care Darling
Hugs and Kisses
Good morning Darling,
How are you doing today?...How was your weekend?..I hope you had a good and wonderful weekend?....Mine was ok...The Sunday Service was wonderful..I prayed for you and us in general.How is your day going so far?..I hope you had a good night sleep?....Well Darling i tried getting the Funds today but no luck so far...I was told in the bank that its on Hold Honey..So all you need do is go to the Western union and tell them to unhold the Money or if you have their number just call them.get back to me and let me know if it has been released.Besides i would want you to e-mail me your phone number too..I would love to talk to you on the phone also..
Have a great day at work and i hope to talk to you soon.
Kisses and Hugs
So much love
honey how are u doing...hope work wasn t agent just called me this afternoon that he couldn t get the money..that the bank said its still on hold.. honey please try to call the bank or rather still go to the bank and tel them to unhold i can pick it up tomorrow morning...honey i ll like to have your mobile number cos i ll always like to speak and hear your sweet voice. i miss you so much and i cant wait to be in your arms. i cant wait to be in your house as your wife. i really appreciate your love and care towards and i ll forever remain loyal to you as my HUSBAND. hope to hear from u soonest... i love u so muchhhhhhhhhhhhh. muahhhhhhhh.
lots of love.
your Darling Stella
hi honey...i av been so worried all through the day because i haven t heard from you..hope all is well? how are u doing and hope u are okay? i miss u so much. not getting ur mail for a day its like eternity..please don t always make me miss you dis much. have you been able to call and go to the bank..cos am still waiting for your respond before going to the bank to pick the money...i truly cant wait to be with you...and i really need to start processing every needed document as soon as possible .. honey please reply my mail as soon as u get dis.
i love you far more than could ever imagine.
i miss u so how.
lots of Love
your Darling Stella
Hello My Love..

it been a while i havent heard from you..hope all is well with you.did anything went wrong? because i dont seems to understand your silence all this while.

i hope you are not avoiding me because of the money you promise to help me with...anyway if that should be the can forget about it..i ll definitely sort myself out..

I have realy been so worried about you..if thereis anyway i went wrong please let me know. so i can apologies.

As for the money i havnt been able to pick it can call or visit the bank to check what happened.

i miss you so much...just cant wait to hear from you.

Lots of Love