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Hello Dear ,
I will really like to have a good relationship with you. I have a special reason why i decided to contact you. I decided to contact you because of the urgency of my situation here, I am Miss Ann Batista Tagme, 30 years old girl from Guiné-Bissau, in west Africa, the only daughter of Late General Batista Tagme Na Waie .the former Chief of Staff of Guinea-Bissau s under the leadership of former president Joao Bernardo Vieira s,my late father was killed on March 1, 2009 by bomb attack,
You can read the website below :

I am constrained to contact you because of the maltreatment I m receiving from my step mother. She planned to take away all my late father s treasury and properties from me since the unexpected death of my beloved father. Meanwhile I wanted to escape to the Europe but she hide away my international passport and other valuable travelling documents. Luckily, she did not discover where I kept my father’s file which contains important documents. So, presently i am seeking asylum under the United Nations High Commission for the Refuge in Dakar Senegal. I wish to contact you personally for a long term business relationship and investment assistance in your country .

My father deposited the sum of Five Million Seven hundred thousand United State Dollars.(USD$5,700 000) some-where with my name as the next of kin. However, I shall educate you more on this matter as soon as i confirm your acceptance to assist me for the transfer and investment of the fund. As you will help me to invest the fund in your country, I will also like to complete my studies when I will come over to you as I was in my 1st year in the university when the crisis started. It is my intention to compensate you for your services and kind assistance, This is the reason why I decided to contact you. Please all communications should be through this email address only for confidential reasons.

As soon as I receive your positive response showing your interest, I will put things into action immediately and will educate you more. In the light of the above, I shall appreciate an urgent message indicating your ability and willingness to handle this transaction sincerely. I am staying at the female hostel here in the refuge camp. Please, keep this transaction to your self only. Do not disclose it to any one till the fund is transfered to you.

I expect your honest and earliest reply.
Yours Love Sincerely,
Miss Ann Batista Tagme
Dearest xxx xxx,
How are you today together with your health and business over there ,hope all is moving well, i am very happy in receiving and reading your message that you are willing and ready to give me a helping hand in this matter , after going through your mail which gives me assurance and hope,i contacted the Finance house here in Dakar Senegal as where the box of money was deposited by my late father and i also told them about my aim of appointing you as my foreign partner who will stand on my behalf and processing the transfer of the box of money out from africa, they all welcome my ideal and instructed me to send you their contact address to enable you contact them for the process, below is their contact address tell the director that you are the one Ann is taking about who she has nominated for the transfer of the box of money.


operational Director
Officer In Charge; Mark Quest
Tel :+221763 850 397
Fax ;+221763 850 010

I will be waiting to hear good news from you about your contacted to the Finance house.

Dearest xxx xxx,
First of all, i am sorry for the late response to your mail,it was due to illness as a result of bad drinking water and food i eat here, i am happy about the manner in which you has taking to contact the Finance house for the transfer of my money box, i appreciated it. i will be most happiness someone if this matter is concluded as soon as possible.
Dear, all i require from you is to consider this process as yours and put in your best to actualize this transfer as soon as aim is to arrive and meet you as soon as this box of money is in your position through your helping hand and assistance and also to discuss with you the area in which the fund will be have you heard from the Finance about your contact to them. hope to read from you i am attaching some picture of mine, please try to persuade them to fasting the process.i am not all that OK in health now, it is because it has been some days i have not be able to mail you if not i am still lying down on the bed now.i have committed this process into your own very hand;i rely on your effort to work hands to hands with the company to bring this process to an end.please do give them your full cooperation for a better result.
hope to read from you.

Hello my dearest one,

How are you doing today?longest time, I hope all is well together with you , if so glory be to GOD almighty. Well,Sorry to hear this news and understand that the fault is not from me.I m happy to inform you about my success in getting my late father s money transferred under the cooperation of my new partner my husband Mr Alejandro William from paraguay. Presently I m in Paraguay now for investment projects with my own share of the total sum.

Meanwhile,i didn t forget your past efforts and attempts to assist me in transferring those funds despite that it failed us some how. Now contact my Rev, his name is Revrend Father Henry Matins on his e-mail address below ( ) telephone number is 00221- 763983532

Ask him to send you the certified bank draft cheque of $150.000.00 (One Hundred And Fifty Thousand U S Dollars) which i kept for your compensation for all the past efforts
and attempts to assist me in this matter.

I appreciated your efforts at that time very much. so feel free and get in touched with the Revrend and instruct him where to send the amount to you.Please do let me know immediately you receive it so that we can share the joy after all the
sufferness at that time. At the moment,

am very busy here because of the investment projects which me and my husband are having at hand,finally, remember that I had forwarded instruction to
the reverend on your behalf to receive that money but you will so feel free to get in touch with the reverend he will send the amount to you without any delay
as i instructed him ok.

Best Regards.
Ms Ann William