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my name is blessing, my father name is Albert pls tell me more about ur self,
thanks for
am so happy to hear from u, thank u for ur maill it seems that u are a very nice man, b/c u have told me every thing i need to know about u, well i dont have much to say than to say thanks,i will still tell u about my self too am happy to hear that u dont do thanks i dont like
, like smoking drinking and all that well i have to say that u are they kind of man i need,Ok about my self am albert blessing from africa in ghana i live in accra, i finesh my school 200and 9 now am looking for a work am a single lady, i have a brother we are two in my famiely i was a daughter of {General albert dankwa}who died 12years ago during they time of president J Rawlings}but now am living with my brother here in ghana, am a nures but i dont have good work for now am still looking for one. so that is me for now not much to say,about me seeing u that is my problem u know that is not good when a woman is inlove with a man u can not see for long u know is not good, i need a man who will love and behold me a man that i can see, my dear if u raily love me as u say and u want us to be together, i will promies u my love and i will still tell u this we need to talk about how we are going to meet with each other, b/c if i love u and i can not see u i thank that is not love, love is when u love a man and they man u love will be standing in front of u looking at ur eyes tell u baby i love u kissing u makeing me fill like a woman i am, that is they type of man i need. am very erotic woman and i need my man to be there for me any time i want him, pls my dear i will still send u one my pic, i like ur pic very much but i want to ask u something they pic u send to me they one u are doing sport is the sport equipement in ur house, b/c i like it b/c i like sports so so much pls my dear i will like to visit u if we are going get marrd is good that i will come and be with u, if i can get a job good job in ur country i will be so happy to and stay with u, i will wait for ur maill, lot of kiss to u my dear,
hi how are u doing, well that is my pic, they one on they site was my old pic i take it when i was in school, they one i send to u is my naw pic all are , my pic, so that is me. so baby how are u doing, how am i going to see u pls i will like to know that thanks for they maill read from u soon.
Greet i have not hear from u why is every thing ok pls talk to me
that am a scammer ok thanks god whom i am thanks ones agian, but this u call me god wil say form me, bye