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Honorary Ambassador xxx Shukan
Address: 9C28+5X3, Boulevard de
la Marina, Cotonou, Benin Republic.

From United States Ambassador to the Republic of Benin: You are
welcome to US embassy here in Benin republic there is an information
brought to US embassy in Benin republic that you have lost some much
money in West Africa Benin republic Nigeria and others country from
West Africa when trying to received your fund from there government,
When I received such information I was so angry about that because I
wasn t expect that such thing will ever happen to any of US citizen in
my tenor in this Africa.

Meanwhile I told those people that brought the information here that I
will contact you first to know if that is true before any further
action about this matter. I will like to confirm from you immediately
that the information is true that you have lost some money in this
country when trying to claim your funds I need to confirm from you
urgent, note that after 24Hrs if I did not hear from you I will know
that the information is not true email me urgent as soon as you
receive this email.

The US embassy here in Benin republic has compensated you ($15.5
Million USD ). We need to hear from you urgently to settle all this
problem immediately and remitted the total fund to any department of
your choice without any father delay.

Please reconfirm us your full information such as listed below:

1. Your Full Name:===
2. Your Country:====
3. Your Home Address:==
4. Cell/Mobile Number:=

Cellphone and WhatsApp Number +1 419-971-2619
Ambassador xxx Shukan
I am Ambassador xxx Shukan to the United States Embassy in Benin, we
hereby inform you that your ATM card worth $25 million has been in
this custody for a few months now. The Payment of the fund by ATM card
has been approved by the United States Embassy in the Republic of
Benin for immediate delivery by the IMF s International Monetary Fund.
I believe that this message will reach you directly because we have
tried several times to reach you without getting a response from you.
The main reason we decided to contact you last time is the following,
for over a week now.

Mrs. Aimee Tiscione has been contacting us regarding your fund claim,
she claims that you authorized her to claim your $25 million ATM card?
simply because you were suffering from cancer and you don t think you
can survive to receive the fund. She wants us to change everything to
her name and deliver the package to her direct address instead of
yours. I was confused and very shocked at the same time I decided to
report to you and confirm I have been instructed to hear from you the
rightful beneficiary of the fund by any means before making any
decision. We are here to find out the truth to avoid any mistakes or
blame, so if you are unaware of this claim from this lady Aimee
Tiscione? Please let us know urgently that you still have the option
to claim your fund peacefully as a rightful beneficiary. In return of
your email, I will know whether to proceed and ship your package to
you and send you the tracking number or to her immediately. I await
your urgent reply.

Kindly reconfirm your complete address information.

Your Full Name_____
Your Country_____
Home Address_____
Telephone No_____

Cellphone & WhatsApp Number +1(636) 565-0490

Ambassador xxx Shukan