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Dear Hein,

I am in need of your assistance. My name is Sgt.Ann Hester.I am working under the Medical military unit here in Baghdad in Iraq against fighters and peace keeping,i am contacting you because of the deal we did with some of Iraq High Government that affected me some money, I have $3.8 Million US dollar that i successfully moved out of the country, it is proceed from oil business deal we had with an Iraqi citizens worth of 52 million US dollar, the 3.8 million stated is my share on the business and its legal. I need a good partner, someone i can trust.

The funds is temporary kept in the custody of a security company, the most important thing i need right now is someone that i can trust to help me receive the money and secure it for me once the funds get to you, and i have made up my mind to compensate you with 30% out of the total fund and you keep and save guard the remaining 70% for me pending when I am through with my military assignment in Iraq. Your own part of this deal is to find a safe place where the funds would be kept.

My own part is sending it to you.If you are interested I will furnish you with more details. But the whole process is simple and we must keep a low profile at all times. I look forward to your reply and co-operation, and I thank you in advance as I anticipate your co-operation,waiting for your urgent response.

My regards,
Dear Hein,

Thanks for your respond,meanwhile I don’t know what to say but I believe that God knows why he choose you,but one thing I will like you to have at the back of your mind is I m entrusting my whole life in your hand by choosing you to save guide the fund for my investment as soon as i am off in my work here in Iraq by ending of this year,i will fly down to your country to join you in the investment immediately.

Dear friend i will like to explain more about this deal to you so that you can understand everything in it to avoid making a mistake on this transaction,when i got this money from Iraq high Government my position was very hesitatic the only alternative i have is to move the fund out of Iraq,i used a Security means to moved it out of Iraq.

But the SECURITY COMPANY does not know the real contact in the box because i registered it to them as my family treasure such as gold and diamond and non searchable goods.

But the reason why i deposited it to the SECURITY COMPANY is because they have access to deliver it in any country without been search at any airport by the customs because they are working in-collaboration with United Nations this is the reason why i deposited it with them.

But what is important to me is to know you better as my partner and have a confidence in you that you can handle this fund carefully.

I want to assure you that you should not entertain any fear.
One thing I will like to let you know is that you should not disclose this fund to anybody to avoid affecting me in States.
My friend if only you can keep your word and execute this project well,believe me it will be an honor for you to know me.
All i need from you is your trust and honesty once this fund gets to you, but the important thing is can i trust on you? you know we military on duty are not permitted to transact business why on duty but i was so lucky that some Iraqi high Government official involve me into an oil business that affected me this money and our Major General does not know about this business.

My dear i have made up my mind to compensate you with 30% of the total fund and keep 70% for my investment . I have to know the plan you have for investing this money if it gets to you so you have to know the good business that can generate money.

Don t forget to furnish me more about yourself and your occupation. please i want every details to be serious.

I want this transaction to be confidential.

NOTE: I don’t want to write any agreement with you to make sure that you will not betray me when the money get to your hand but I believe you as a GOOD person and mind you that any expenses you made on this transaction will be refunded. But before i can entrust this fund to you as my partner ,kindly send to me all your Data s such as ,


As soon as i receive all this details about you, i will forward it to the security company where i deposited the fund to
contact you on how to release the money to you as my partner.
i have make all the arrangement on how the fund will get to you successful..
Looking forward to your co-operation .

Best regards,