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Private Transaction

I am Elizabeth Johnsen, Special Duty Assistance under the Presidency Department of Minerals and Energy Republic of South Africa.

Please read carefully the reasons for contacting you.


To be my silent partner and receive the funds as the sole benefactor to this contract amount which all legal documentation is secured, authenticated and in place. For your assistance in this project, you will be entitled to 35% of the principal amount.


This money came from an over-invoiced contract for the sale of South Africa s crude 10 million barrels of crude oil from its strategic reserves in the year 2016. It is the under/over Valued invoice of US$33M in Numbered Time Deposit under Non-Disclosure Banking Act. I want to move to your facility.

I assure you that the transfer process is entirely without any risk to you. I am anticipating a response for details/Modality and you are free to ask any question.

Yours faithfully,

Elizabeth Johnsen