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Recently, I started to observe how quickly my life is tick away... Yes, I am so far very long away from oldness, but on the other hand, my current life does not suit me. And the base reason for this is my solitude, the miss of a soul mate with whom I would like to spend the whole of my life. Yes, I may be confidence that if I meet such a man whom I love, and this feeling is accordingly, so I will be surefire to him all my rest days. If you are got interest and you wish to try, then I will wait for your fast repsonce. I would like to ask you, if you don’t like your lonesomeness, disillusionment and want to edit your life, just answer to this letter. I utterly do not care what’s your age, skin color or life position. I know that true beauty are deep in the soul of a person, and sincerely kindness is in his heart. If my thoughts are close to you, I will expect for your answer early. I m sorry if I wasted your time and you are not interested in my note. Have a nice day.

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