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My names are Mr. Newman D. Vladimir. I m from Moscow , State of Russia.I m interested in investing in any good profitable yielding business and I would appreciate any viable ideas you could come up with. I m proposing to invest the sum of Eight Million United States Dollars($8.,000,000 USD).
I don t know if you can be of help to me and trusted for this. In recent times, Russian and Ukrainian government have been having issues and as a result I will need your assistance to receive and secure the fund for me. I will give you more details once I receive your response.
Mr. Newman Vladimir.
Dear xxx xxx,

I am happy to received your message in respect of my business proposal
I sent to you. The main purpose I contacted you is because of the
restrictions imposed on us the (Russians) by the United States and
the European Union.

The restrictions also not allowing any incoming funds to Russia OR
outgoing funds out of Russia.

The US$8M that I want to invest on you have been deposited in Europe
country for more then 5 years and I am going to give you the contact
of the Bank.

I will also write to the Bank and order them to hand over the funds to
you as my business partner.

I want you to note that we are going to share the interest of 3%
Return on Investment yearly and you are going to use the US$8M for
duration 15 years.

Please take note that I am not in support of the ongoing war between
my country Ukrainian government, the war is affecting all the Russia
businessmen and women.

Meanwhile kindly your the following information to me:

1, Your full Name
2, Your phone Number/whatsapp NO.
3, Your Occupation
4, Your country and State
5, A copy of any of your ID Card.
6, Your company name and the Address
7, Your Bank Details

This is my Tel/whatsapp NO, Please call me +44 7565-209008

I am waiting for your urgent reply.
Mr. Newman Vladimi