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good evening.
Iam Liana, I live in Russian Federation, and I discovered your page online..
I have to say that you caught my attention, and I couldn t resist reaching out to you..
I am a unattached girl who wishes to meet a person sincere for a serious, long-term partnership!!!
I want to learn more about you and see if our characters and objectives align???
If you re up for it, I d truly appreciate if you d spend the time to reply to this note -
i sincerely desire to get to know you better!
I have attached a picture of me to this email, and I want to know if you appreciate what you see??
I would appreciate if you would spend a few minutes to reply to this e-mail, and inform me know if you are Interested in becoming to learn about one another better.
Looking waiting to hearing from you in the near future!!
Warm regards,
Hello what s wrong? where are you? Didn t recieve any answer from you for rather long period of time? I wonder why???... Please tell me! I m sure smth special and important but please find some minutes to write an answer to my last email. You chose to disappear and don’t reply to my letters. You received my letter?Please find strength and self-respect to answer to my questions. Be the man! Don’t make me sad and to be disappointed in you as man.

Your Liana...
Hello,how are you? How is your health? How is your mood? I miss you a lot. Disperse all of these terrible strange stupid worries and fears of mine. Please tell me that you are well. Please tell me that you think about and waiting my letter. I think you didn t have time to answer immediately. Please tell me what should I do! Tell me what made you to keep silence and did not answer me? I need your answer to be assured -expectation and uncertainty frighten me... I wish you good day.

Your Liana...