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Hello! My name is Anna. I’m a lonely young woman from Ukraine of 29 y.o, and my biggest dream
is to find my soulmate, a man with whom we would fall in love and create a family. I’m searching
for a man, who would be my kindred spirit, honest, kind, affectionate, who also feels lack of
love and romance in his life. I am romantic, passionate, loving and honest lady. Love is very
important in my life and that’s why it’s hard for me to stay alone, without a man, who would
love, protect and take care of me. I enjoy to meet cheerful people, to reveal something new for
me. I m very energetic and never idle. I like fun and merriment and I am optimistic by nature.
For my man I am eady to give all my love, warmth, care and devotion and will try my best to make
him happy and never feel bored with me. Are you also searching for your soul mate, love, happiness?
My dear its not far from you. Let’s learn each other better and find out if we have a chance.
I hope, we will keep talking and knowing each other better!
You are welcome to write me here
Dear Werner,

It was really great to hear from you and I liked your photos. I am
very interested in you, Werner and would like to see if we have a
chance. First of all I would like to let you know that I am here with
serious intentions and with a great genuine desire to find my soul
mate and create family in the near future with my beloved man. So,
please, if you are here just for friendship or playing games, do not
hurt me and don’t waste my time.

So, let me tell you briefly about myself. My Anna and I m 29 years
old. I live in the maritime city Alushta which is located in the
Crimean peninsula of Ukraine. I like the sea very much and I enjoy
swimming, and what about you? I have a healthy lifestyle and I guess,
I love my body too much to do such things as drinking and smoking. I
am an active person and in addition to swimming I like to dance and to
visit aerobics and fitness classes. I hope a lot that you will like me
on the pictures I send you. I can only add that I have long brown hair
and brown eyes. My height is 172cm and weight is 53 kg. I was born on
May, 8 on 1981. As a Taurus I am very persistent person and now my
greatest dream which I want to achieve is to meet the love of my life.
I m looking for a honest, reliable, kind and generous man, who is
interested in serious relationships and creating family. Life is
gloomy, empty and colourless when you don t have your beloved one next
to you and nothing can be worse than loneliness. I have a great desire
to change my life and searching for a man, who would fill the void in
my life and in my heart. I have many love and warmth to give him in
return. And I strongly believe that age difference, nationality or
skin colour can not be obstacles for love. I just need a man, with
whom I would feel comfortable and happy, who would be my kindred
spirit, a faithful lover and devoted friend for the end of my life.
What about you? What kind of woman are you searching for? What do you
appreciate in woman? Do I have any chance to become that one? I work
as a secretary. I have a big friendly family. I have both parents and
I live with them. My parents have always been a perfect example for me
of a happy couple who found each other and live in peace and happiness
for more than 30 years. By the way, my father is older than my mom for
18 years and it never was a problem for them. They treat each other
with tenderness and still love each other very deeply. I am so lucky
to have such parents and I want to have this happiness in my family
too. I also have a sister Alina who is younger than me for one year.
We are very good friends with Alina. She knows that I m looking for a
man abroad, and she wants me to find a good man. My sister Alina works
as a photographer at our local photo studio. I also want to let you
know that almost all of my pictures were taken by my sister who is
very fond of photography and we like to experiment a lot together with
her. I think that she is very good at taking pictures and she is
almost a professional. I don t have much friends, but I have several
good friends, whom I can rely on and whom I can really trust. As you
see, I m happy with my life, but I am sincerely waiting for a new love
to come into my life. I believe that we all have our souls mates in
this world and nobody knows where our love is waiting for us. I think
that we should not limit our search only in our own city or country
when searching for love and serious relations. I am disappointed in
our Ukrainian men. Of course, there are some good men in our country,
but unfortunately I was not lucky to find my love here. I want to tell
you honestly from the very beginning that I don t speak English so
far, but I believe that it won t scare a man, who would really like
me. I am ready to improve my English and I am already searching for a
school where I could learn it fast and effectively. I am ready to move
abroad; anywhere, where I find my future husband, my beloved man would
be waiting for me.

Werner, please tell me more about yourself! I just don t know what to
ask because I have too much questions. But I would be happy to read
anything about you what you would like to share with me!

I wish you a very nice day and waiting for you letter! Anna.