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hello dear
Thanks a lot for the mail @ AFF myself am a new member of that site am still single and looking for a man in my life but then it happen for a good friend of mine and she advice to try my luck on there, am happy you took time to reply me and it is my hope that u will like me so we move ahead in getting to know each other more better, am a hard working lady,love reading and i like to travel a lot due to my work , the most important thing to me now is to find a soul mate in my life, it hard being alone and sometimes it hurt.but i hope that this works for us. i live alone no kids, am the only child of my parent i lost my dad in a motor accident way back in Texas ,i lived in Texas since when i was young but after the devoice of my parent my mum decide to come back home that Ghana, i later join her here and continue my work,
below are some pics of me, hope u like them, i will look froward to hear from you and thanks once again for the mail @AFF bye for now and take care
hello Werner
Am with much joy replying to you and thanks a lot for your time taken to send me the mail, in fact am so flatted and i don t know what to say, i feel so good in me and after reading your email am full up with happiness.
don t worry about your English i can understand what you write and am okay with that.i will start by saying i thank God for given me someone like you in my life, you sound nice, passionate and wonderful, i really wanna get to know you Werner, loneliness is something i don t want anymore in my life i want to marry and settle and have is my hope that this will work for us so we can be together someday,i like your country a lot i have read a lot about Germany and sometimes i see nice places on TV.
i really wanna get to know you better and i will be happy if you try and download YAHOO MESSENGER so we can chat there and know more about each other you can add me on so we chat there.
thanks once again for your email and i will look forward to hear from you take care dear kiss kiss
hello Werner
didn t hear from you again, are you okay did you get the yahoo messenger set up? reply me okay wanna hear from you take care