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Hello there,

Am very happy to mail you, i am new to the site. firstly i will like
you to know more about me.. my name is gwen am 5 7tall.. 30
yrs was born in Nebraska in the united states, studied sociology,
I m a model, traveled to other countries for modeling, i most of my life in the united states
and i grew up in kenner Lousiana and my uncle also lives in kenner.
but I m presently in West Africa for a
concert. I was once in Australia with my promoter ever since my
mom was died.. i lost mom when i was a little kid and my dad
was divorced with my mom long time ago...

Am a very cool lady with good sense of humor.. l believe in honestly
and its really mean much of my life..i am a lonely lady and i want to
be happily settled down with the man my heart wants and the one my
heart have chosen... the right man to share my love and heart with
forever....well, i am sending you this email because i would love to know
more about you and see what future has for us, l could sense charisma
and maturity in you.. I m lonely lady sometimes get scared of relationship
because l don t want to be hurt. We can all see the high rate of divorce in
the society and i don t want to be involved in any that s why i want to be
careful but i know there is this special man the Lord has for me out there i
just Pray i find him. No one knows if it s you but time will tell

I am looking for someone with good sense of humor that believe life is
too short to be lonely and a man that have good approach about life..
someone that is willing to settle down and have family .. someone that
love outdoor and having fun.. l want to plan my life and make sure l
have an happy family, am a good home manager, can manage my family and
my life..I have attached some pictures and hope to get yours

Am very happy to read from you, wow your message really make my day, i
have been searching for a long time, and believe i will surely have
the right man of my life.
I am new to this as i said in my first email, and am here to meet the
right man of my life, the site was introduced to me by one of my
friends who got her love on the site, and they are happily married
with one kid.

I am a lady of faith, and focus, i have my mission ahead of me, and
really want to achieve my vision, my mission, and my desire by making
them comes to past. what are my mission? is to have the right man of
my life, and live the rest of my life with him, who is the right man
of my life? the man that will love, care and will be faith full to me,
i do believe in Togetherness, and am also a Christian, so i need a man
that have God fearing and good sense of humor. can you be the man?
that is a question that will be answer in time.i am a lonely lady and
i want to be happily settled down with the man my heart wants and the
one my heart have chosen... the right man to share my love and heart
with forever. I am a self made woman, and believe in twos, cos two
heads are better than one.

I want to plan my future together with a man that have plan for is
life, and have focus on good things ahead of him, look i want a man
that believe he will be great, for example, did you believe you can
become a president? that may seems funny but that is one of the
question that really show faith in human being.
I grew through bad time here, cos i lost my parent so many years ago,
and believe you will understand how the feelings will be, i have been
praying to God to stop the matter of searching in my life, cos i
really want to be an house wife, and not only to be a wife, but to
have an happy home with kids.
Once again am so happy to mail you, and will be looking forward to
hear from you as soon as possible.
I care.