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Hello xxx,
how are you ? I live in US. you live in germany. i hope that wont be a problem.
I look for lasting loving relationship. And i adopted a little .her name is Nike she is 9 years old and she is brain and beauty. She is the apple of my eyes.
Kindly tell me about your marital status and what you are looking,
well read. I live in US, And i dont know if i can come to germany, because i dont have passport to travel and i have never travelled out of US since i was born. Getting passport here is easy but cost some amount. and i adopted a little girl, which is 9 years old, her name is Nike.
I have had many pets , the last i had, his name is "Trouble", A German shepherd.

Will distance not stop this , though i m interested
Hello xxx,

I like to relocate to another country. but i might need to get Immigration advice to on Getting residential permit , to add to what i already know. i just graduated from Shool of Nursing, now I m a RN Nurse, but i have not started working. I have lots of clinical experiences. I m a Theatre Nurse, i can assist medical Doctor during Surgery.
I need to know if there is need for RN Nurse in the country i will be relocating to.
US Adult passport application fee is $185.
US person below 0-16 years passport fee is $165