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Hiya Good Looking, Nice to hear from you , hope you are doing okay as i am here ..i don t know how to start it but then am new on here looking for my Lost Rib..i mean someone special to share my thoughts and ideas with, also to spend the rest of my life with!!! i went through your profile, to be honest i like what i saw and interested in getting to know much about you to see what comes out of it ..i don t really have much to say about myself on here,anyway i hope you have gone through my profile and have an idea about myself, i mean you ve got to know a little about me as you went through my profile, i will surely tell you more if only you are interested in knowing much about me and see what comes out of it , am a good woman which i know you will love to be with, am caring,loving,romantic,serious,honest and also a one man woman.i was born in the uk,my mum is from Scotland and my dad is from west Africa.i just graduated as a qualified dentist on the field,we are only two children of my parent and am a 30 year old woman also single and searching,actually i joined the site because my junior brother joined and found the love of his life and they are living very happily.i hope i have expressed myself a little bit and hope you will get in touch again.
Hello my dear xxx its nice hearing from you once again,i love the communication we have between us at least its a good start for us.i like the mail you sent me and i can sit down to read and read is all over again,you seem a very nice person who knows what he actually wants in life,Am actually on Aff because want to find true love and happiness again after a very tragic relationship i found myself in,there was this guy i met in dental school whom i feel in love with in the UK,i really loved him very much but i got to find out that he was cheating on me with my best friend,so i lost hope in trusting any man,but in you i find honesty,respect,caring and also someone who knows what he wants,in love age is just a number and you are not too old to fall in love with someone like me,so lets forget about the age/
In life real happiness is not about being rich,i have always told my little brother this,i look for a very simple man with a very good sense of homour,some one who has a caring heart and someone who is very compassoinate,you have all the qualities i seek in a man,i will tell you briefly what got me here.i have lived in the UK all my life with my parents,but there came a time when my mum told my dad she wanted a divorce because she had found someone that she wanted to enjoy life with once again,my dad became very hurt and destroyed because he actually loved my mum a lot,since he was from Africa he decided to go back to his motherland and start life all over again,i couldnt live my dad all alone now that he needed his children the most,so i came down here with him to start life all over again,i lived in pocklington,yorkshire.UK and i met soo many guys there who wanted me but i didnt want to fall in love with any guy from there because i saw they were all the same,my dad has been able to overcome this tragedy and has started a business here of his own,so i also want to move on that is why i joined the site to find love there i met 2 or 3 men there but all they wanted was sex but you are very different,i really would want us to met someday so that we can see if this will work out because you are very nice in everything,i have also heard soo much about Germany and how beautiful there is,i will be honoured for your invitation there,please xxx in your next email to me add your personal address so that we can chat on there.please do keep in touch because i dont want to loose you my dear.hahahhahh.i will love to hear from you again,take care for now
Hello there once again i really enjoy the communication between us for now,we really are getting somewhere,i am also very honest and kind hearted person,i really would give my all for the maan i love my dear,i have one bad side of me and its when the ones i love the most lie to me it really pisses me off.well i also dont smoke.i dont drink,i drink occasionally when out with my friends,i am very compassionate and reserved.i also would love to have a child someday with someone as humble and intelligent like you and be the wife that you always seek for my dear.
In your next reply to me i would like to no what you do for a living,and also like to no if you stay alone and also about your were talking about age difference and when i checked the difference its not that much and besides its not important to me my dear.i like you already even tough am just meeting you.i asked for you personal address but you didnt give it to me,i would love to have a chat with you someday so that we learn more about each other.please do keep in touch,and also about me coming to Germany it will be a i will love to come my dear.good night and have sweet dreams
Hello janiek my dear nice hearing from yo once again,i really hope you are doing okay where you are,i love every mail that you send me and i love to read more from you,you have the same experience like my dad and mum they are also divorced like yours.we are two in all,i and my junior brother
i really love your idea of a beautiful married life and i pray that i could be that loving wife and the woman that you can confide in and share all your probelms.i want to be the mother of your kids,because i would be proud to have kids from a sweet,humble and intelligent man like no that am a graduated dentist by profession,but i dont want to start working in this country because they dont pay good,i was thinking if things work out between us i will relocate over there to you and start my dental work my dear,are they in need of dentist in Germany my dear and also do they pay good there.please do make that research and let me no so that someday we can be able to lay a better foundation for our kids.i really do like you already because you seem very sensible and very honest in everything.please i would love for this thing between us to continue.i will leave you for now and wait for you to write back m dear,take care and stay out of trouble.hahhahah
Hello my dear good morning i haven t heard from you this morning and decided to write you to find out how you are this morning.i hope no one has taken you from me.i sent you an email this yesterday concerning my dental work over there in germany,i want to no the reply concerning it,please i have talked to my dad about you this morning and told how wonderful and special you are and he is very happy at long last i could speak of a man this way,he really would love to meet you someday my dear.i have asked for your personal address i am not talking about your private details but am talking about your personal id that we can chat there so that we can learn more from each other,i hope you get me now my dear.
please do keep in touch because i dont want to loose you,have a nice day at work and stay out from trouble
hello there my dear what is actually going on there i haven t heard from you today and am worried its on like you