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Hello Master,
Good day to you and how are you happy that you wrote me finally..i am very serious about this..thanks for the compliments..i would love to be all that you need and that i promise you.i love all that you have mentioned.i would want you to send me some of your pics and tell me more about yourself.i love sex football and music..i dont work for now cus i was told to resign where i work 2 weeks ago so right now..i am looking for a new job..i have attached my pics to this email..i do hope you like it..i love all that you talked about,we can do that together soon...i have had a white cock and i would love to have it again...i am so I would be honoured to be your slave and property ..Without any doubt serving in reality will be a dream come true for me..i m looking forward to that day that i will be serving you...i am longing for your dominance over me ..i cant wait now!I will be okay by your rules and i am ready to play by it Master ..I am bi-curious Master i have been in this lifestyle for more than 18 has been my dream to serve and be with a Master for the rest of my life... that is why i seek you as a Master...i want to be used and abused all the time...Master,i want to be explored sexually just the way you imagine it...Master,i want to wake up sucking cock....swallowing your cum...licking your balls and ass..i would like us to chat on theyahoo IM so that we can know ourselves better..when you get to know me enough and u like me...u can always bring me to u so that i can come over to serve u real.... we sure can continue on this.. i would like you to tell me more about yourself....what you do for a living...are you married and other things that i should know about you...i would like to have your pics too....i have added you to my yahoo IM..if you do come join me there so that we can get to talk better...mine is cutechictade..i will be waiting on you there......i will be online to chat with you...till then i will say
kisses to your cock balls and asshole
your slave and property