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Hello Edward,
How are you doing ????
thank you for the mail you sent to me .
Anyway i am Sheila and like i said i was new at the site and i am looking for my soul mate..
i would also be pleased to hear more and know you well...
I am a woman with good virtue , brought from a good family back ground, and i know what i am looking for , so i have no time for games..
one thing i know is that time waits for no man .. so man need to act like time is on
i live life at a time, in an hour, a minute and in a second..
i would like to meet a serious and dedicated man who is ready to settle down like me ..
so tell me have you fallen in love before? and tell me what happened...
what is your idea of a perfect relationship...?
well i want you to tell me more about your past life ,and send me some photos too .
and i promise to do the same .
bye bye for now and hope to hear from you soon..
Hello xxx,
How are you doing today ,and how was your day too ? Thanks for the mail you sent me, i loved it so much , thank you for telling me more about you and the photos too , you look so nice .
We need to know more about each other and the rest will be determined by chemistry .
I believe you are a warm and nice person so i want to get to know more about you .
I want to tell you more about myself okay.
My dad was from New York and my mum is mixed race and her other half happens to be from Africa.
But all my life i have lived in the New York till 29 years when my dad died from cancer. But currently i am in Ghana with my mum since she is from there. I am a woman from Christian background, with good virtues, honest and hardworking .I live life at a time, an hour, a minute, a second so in everything we do it must be fast because time waits for no man.
i dated one guy whom i really loved, to the extent of given him my all , I mean i dedicated my whole life in the relationship but this dude broke my heart in the end. He did not appreciate the fact that i loved him, i was really hurt that i even cursed the very first day i set my eyes on him .I heard he got married in 2009....

My hobbies are swimming, reading, listening to music. I am also a poem writer, love poems to be precise. So do i say i am artistic? I know you will love my poems a lot.
I am a fashion designer by profession but not now, for now i work in a vocational institute......

Well fashion designing is a nice job and i still wish to go back to it.....
I am an easy going woman, sociable and very kind but very selective to be honest.
I am also careful when it comes to men because of what happened to me in the New York....
I am looking for a real man who will love me and be serious with me .I know am a beautiful woman who has whatever she wants,
so i am looking for a simple man who will be serious with me and ready for a new family with me ....
I expect my man to be very honest with me and to take care of me as well..................
I have never been married and i dont have any kids too.

I know i have gone very far but i think it is good to be sincere...
Well i am also very careful with men, because of what happened to me when i was in the New York...
what do you look in a woman ??? I do not have any problem with the age and the distance because i was hurt by a young and handsome man so i am looking for an older man who will love and treat me like a real woman ..
well i know by now you know the kind of woman i am , i want to end here for now okay
bye bye for now and hope to hear from you soon maybe on chat tonight...