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Ich habe Ihre E-Mail Adresse von der Website .. wollte, um zu bestätigen, wenn ich es richtig kopieren, lassen Sie mich wissen, wenn Sie diese E-Mail bekommen., Wenn Sie mir Mail tun mich wieder für mehr Kommunikation,


Here is a little about myself, my name is Marisa,I am 26 years old, I am single and I don’t have kids yet. My Father is an American and my Mother is a German lady. I grew up in Los Angeles,California, in the United State of America. I moved to Germany 1month ago with my ex boy friend when he got a job, I moved with him but things did not work out well with us...., He keeps cheating on me and I didn t act not till I caught him with another lady in our room and from that moment I knew I couldn t love him anymore because he has really hurt me so I broke up with him and I now I am single and I am looking for a honest, caring, loving, someone with a good heart, someone I can really trust and confide in, someone who is family oriented and ready to have a long term relationship and if we click we can start up a family someday, If you are not looking for a long term relationship, we can still hang out together, Who knows?He went back to the state and he continued his life down there, but am Presently in Kent ,London on business trip . I have been in London for few days now, I will be flying back by next week to Germany where i now have a rented apartment of my still learning to write and speak German and i hope you will help me translate this email,i won t mind if you will be my German teacher if you have the time but i believe as time goes on i will know more.., if you would like to meet, I will be glad to meet u in person and I am looking for a honest, caring, loving, someone with a good heart, someone I can really trust and confide in and someone who is good at sex, I love to have sex a lot and my favorite position is doggy you know what I mean? I need a man who can really fuck hard and I will look forward to hear from you soon so we can talk more..i need to go now and will check on you later,bye for now and remain blessed.
PS I am an Artist, I am into Oil Paintings, Drawings, Sculptures and Artworks and you ? i will tell you more about me in my next email.
It’s really nice to hear from you again..thanks for the compliment,Am currently in London now working and will be coming back to the home after one week of working not a picture type but i will send you one more and how about you send me some of yours ? How are you doing today? We are not so far from each other and that is something good so when I get back we can meet only if you would like to because I would like to meet you. I receive so many emails from this site but they are not what I am looking for in a man, I really want to have an intimate relationship with you because I am new to online dating and can I really trust you and confide in you? I don’t want to get hurt anymore because I was hurt by my previous boyfriend. I am sure we will get to know each other better when we meet in person. Here is more about me, I lost my dad 8years ago and Lost my Mom last year April...i moved to Germany with my Ex but remain there when we broke up...
I am an Artist, I am into Oil Paintings, Drawings, Sculptures and Artworks, I have been an Artist since I was a kid, because I liked to draw when I was a kid. I have a great passion for Arts, I love what I do and I enjoy doing what I do. About the business trip I was going to tell you about. I flew from Germany to London to work on a big Sculpture and Paintings contract. I will be getting a very big pay check from this work. I am planning to fly back when I receive and cash my pay check. Then we can meet and have a lot of fun and spend time together. Wouldn’t that be great? I will love us to have a date together, and then we can see if we are good for each other or not. What do you think?I now reside in Germany in a rented just learning to speak and write German and i won t mind if you will be my German teacher when i get back to Germany Ok..i hope you will be able to help me translate this email..However, I had difficult time when my boyfriend left me, reasons best known to him, I have been single and looking closely to guys that come my way, certainly I have not come across anybody that best describe what I am looking for. I am hard working, courageous, smart and intelligent.Certainly every woman wants a man with a good heart, someone she can really trust and confide in, someone to love and have a long term relationship with; however, who knows if this work out we can get married and start up a new life and new family someday. i need to go now and have attached my photos for you to see below...and hope you will mail me more of you back in return.
Take care,till then