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Hello Lena,
am very happy to recieved your email address from you unexpected,by the way,the moment i see your profile at the first time,i really like you and try to get contact with you,and am very happy that you have answer me.
Lena,i think i don t have to introduce myself to you,coz if you go through to my profile on 24LUV Dating Site you will know about me except few about my living here that i will share with you in the future when we keep continue writing each other.
Lena,i would like you to know something why am here in the internet, looking for a good woman with a good heart but not a princess or a super star either super model,Lena,by the way am a man of 37yrs mature person not a teen age boy to play game and waste my time here,if you are looking for the same,may be you are on the right channel,Lena,at the the moment i ll Pause my mail here and am waiting to hear from you, WHY you are in this Dating Site?What are you looking for? and at the sametime i wanted to know more about you,your country Germany,your culture and your life style

Warm Regards, Enockson.Boby.Swer
hello Lena,
Am very glad to recieved Mail from you,after i go through your mail,I Understand who you are and what you searching for,You are searching for the right patner,Right?Lena,i undersatnd your English very well,and i would like to tell you "TO LEAVE YOUR PAST BEHIND AND LOOK AHEAD WITH YOUR FUTURE"Lena you are much younger than me,and if we are fit each other we can build our future in the good foundation,what do think about this?
Lena,before we learn each other and going ahead with our correspondent,i would like to introduce myself my name is Enockson Boby swer,i live in Meghalaya,Shillong City, North East India,the place where i was bond,i am 37years in age,while i was young i study in St,Edmund s English high school after high school,i joint in st,Anthony s College as a Commerce Student for five years and get my Degree,then i joint in North Eastern Hills University for 6years to complete my double in Accountancy and Business Study, After Completion my study,i got a job at Staate Bank Of India,But am not happy there,i was resigned from the Bank and start my own Business,it was click with me since i start my own business and continue till now,i really work hard to make my Business Grow and stayble,but some failure also is there,and try to coupe up and make it right. Lena,even me am not that rich or millionaire,but i have my own Car,Enough Money to make life happy and i have my own house in the country side 35 Kilometer from the city because i love quite and simple life,and at the same time i have a house in the middle of the city,but am not happy to stay here,And i have no choice to live in the City From Monday to Friday,because of my Business,Saturday and Sunday i was in the country house.Lena,don t think that i am feeling proud by telling you this,.why i tell you this,because i wan you to know right from the start about who am i?All i do this for my future patner,my best friend and my wife..
As a family i have three elder sister,my mother and me,my mother she was 85 years Old and my father was Died 2 year ago,My Mom she live in the City and use to visit my her very often,because i love her very much,and she is everything for me till today.
Lena,you know why i am on this website?the fact,because i need to find someone,a beautiful woman with a beautiful heart,a woman who really need someone to love her and to taker to her for the whole of her life,and i need in the same way,that a woman will love me with all of her heart and taker to me,that we will respect each other through mutual understanding and transperancy which they have to share betwen two people in every moment of their life as long as they live in this world,Lena,i need someone who will take me as i am but not what i had,i need a transparency and very frankly woman,open minded person,clean way of thinking,the woman who can share with me and i will share with her every moment,a woman like You who don t want to much money or after for money.yes! without money life is useless and love it is mean nothing, because love and money move together right! Lena,"
Lena, i hope you understanding very well what i really wanted because i am not a kids anymore i am growing to be a man and, at the same time,it is time for me to have someone in my life.
Lena,i feel very bad to say something to you at the first,but i have no choice because i dont want the way that we know each other,it will turn into a game,because i dont want to play game here,i hope these words it will not hurt you,if it hurts you i really apologize.
write as soon as posible please ok.along with your beutiful picture.

with love,boby swer