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Great to receive your letter, thank you for your patience, as it is written and l’m sure that you are very aware “Good things come to those that wait�. Your presence brightens my day and l look forward to talking to you and hearing about what you have been doing.

I had an interesting time talking to many people last night and my apologise for my previous short letter, now l have a little more time to tell you a bit more about myself, l respect your comments and find them astutely correct, your requests are very similar to my own, these are qualities and attributes that l also find honourable in my partner and beloved..

Meeting someone to have and share many similar visions with is a huge positive and makes everything worthwhile in life, it is truly special, and l am sure you’d agree.

Some of my details for your pleasure, my age is 31, my D.O.B 14/02/1979, Capricorn, 5’4� in height and the rest you have seen from my pictures, l am of great health.

No tattoos or piercings, . My family’s name descends from early Italian ancestry and l am of Dutch/ English origin,

My father’s family migrated to USA in the early 40’s from the Netherlands and the rest is history. My profession is an Eventplanner to which l have extensively travelled and worked throughout France,japan have worked on some of Australia’s largest and biggest projects. I find it always interesting and rewarding as l get to Event the most modern and up to date .

I have applied myself too many different sporting and leisure, ventures and activities, but at the moment l just like to go coast walking and trekking, my interests lie elsewhere and l want to obtain some land and build a Conpany of my own, l want to find my partner and beloved and share the dream of life and love, to start and build a loving family, l am aware that this is a hugely responsible decision and l do treat this with great respect.

One of my passions is cooking and l consider myself as a bit of a culinary , my favourite is seafood and with some choice selected fine juice and unbeatable company l ask for not much more.

I have a vast and diverse music collection that includes albums and DVD/ CD’s, l also have 3 guitars and some cool sound equipment that l like to muck around with.

There is an interesting website that you might like to take a look at when you get some free time it has heaps of photos from around my local area, it will give you a bit of a window into my home town area

Regrettably l have to end my letter for now and hope to write to you again soon, may our conversation continue.

Have an incredible day .

Yours faithfully.


How are u doing? thanks for having interest in me let me tell u little about my self ,I`m an Outdoors woman who is interested in finding an Outdoors man.I`m hard working,easy

loving,caring,understanding,great listener,enjoy going shopping.I would prefer to be with you than to hanging out at bars with my friends.I`m looking for an
adventurist man,who has a attitude that says " I will try anything at least once and twice or more times if it fells great.I love to be able to hold and kiss you in public. I want a man who cares about her appearance and enjoys exercising to stay in shape, and loves to be at the beach.

I want a ,man who is beautiful inside as well as outside.i was in a relationship for 3yrs but my ex boyfriend cheated on me and hurt me he was sleeping with my best friend and i couldn t take it so i quit the relationship, since then i have been single and it has been hard for me to trust any guy again my ex boyfriend really hurt me.I am willing to meet a God fearing &honest and fateful guy that will treat me like a queen that will make me happy girl again.I hope to find a honest who is a nice man as well.I love Rock`n `Roll, Country music,

I prefer to live in the country or up in the mountains.I enjoy Skiing in the winter,fishing,gardening,camping and exploring in the
summer. hope to hear from u soon
Dearest ,
Thank you so much for replying my mail, I am so glad to hear from you. Thank you for your nice compliments. I am very happy you took the bold instinctive to write me, I truly treasure such communication with you. As i read your words i realise that you are a honest and sincere person, This means a lot to me because the kind of man i seek has to be open minded and not scared to share his innermost feelings.

I feel a strong connection with you and the way you veiw issues. I beleive that a persons character can accessed on his words and the way he thinks. Yes it is possible that one can be blessed in other ways but not with love. I hope that this will be our day, a day where we are both drawn to each other for all the right reasons.

I am glad that you are not scared of the distance because for me finding re al love and a soul mate can come from anywhere.

I would give anything in my search to find a devoted loving man. It is wonderfull that we both share interests in so many of the same things and even the simple pleasure of just sitting home watching TV in each others arms sounds to me like heaven.

Time spent together with you in deep love i know would be wonderfull and i yearn for so much of this cause i know the joy of being in love and sharing your time and life with the right partner. Being your partner i would be sure to give you all the backing you deserve.

You do sound like a wonderfull person to be with. I hope that we can develop well together towards a happy fufilling future. No matter how difficult it has been for you to love at least you know what you are searching for in a partner, you yearn to love and be loved. Here you are now mailing me and i see so much in you. Its great that we are able connect now. I am glad that you are in search of your soul mate now as i wish to find mine too. I am interested in knowing what you have learnt makes a relationship work or last.

I know what i am searching for in a partner. I want a man that is matured, family oriented and willing to settle down. For this person i will tr avel to the ends of the earth and it seems with you i might just have to.(smiling) You do sound like a romantic person and someone that does know what he wants. I am very attracted to you for this. I know that we will need to get to know each other over here for awhile but i beleive that we can only truly develop by being in physical contact.

I can only hope that we are able to make this possible within the right time. I do not wish that either of us miss the opportunity of spending the rest of our lives with our soul mate. I will make my way over to you sometime during our communication for us to get the chance to develop more for now it will be great for us to communicate through messaging each other its an easy way for us to communicate,Thank you so much again for writing me, I hope that you and i can communicate so much more.
Till i hear from you take c! are of yourself.
Lots of love,
Hello Hein,

How are you doing have not read from you hope you are fine i think you dont like me ? ok if so no problem i just want to know what is going on with you ok.