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Hello ingo,
Its really a pleasure talking to you and getting to know you more,we will learn more and more about each other the more time we have to spend with each other,i am a submissive woman who is well behaved,honest,loving,caring,truthful,trust worthy,matured and self controlled lady,i do not go annoyed easily and i do not insult or talk to people anyhow,i like to give respect to every one around me as i am a lady who beleives respect is reciprocal.I started my life as a baby with my parents and i used to have a rich aunt from the city,i stayed with my parents in the village and until when i was 13,my aunt came to pick my brother and i from the village as she said she would like us to come and stay with her at the city and contiunue our education there,i left my parent and went to my aunt to the city of lagos where i started new school and i began to learn how to live very well in the city and got used to the life there,i was going to the school then and also learning more about the business my aunt does,my aunt is a woman who was married for 25 years with no kid so her husband got her divorced and in order for her not to be lonely,she took cared of us like her child and gave us good education so we can do anything we want after we have got our certificates from school,i finished from the univeristy with a degree in economics while my brother is still in school now,have gone through a lot in my life but i know it was for the best,my aunt is a very nice and kind woman who did things with the will of god,i am a christian and i sing in church with the choir,i am god fearing and well mannered,i started having a wild life in sex when i was 22,i first had sex when i was 20 years old,i had a boy friend in school then who disvirgined me and made my wolrd different,then i started growing matured and life was getting more interesting,when i was about 24,i was very good sexually and i enjoyed anything nice.I would like you to tell me more about you and send me more of your pictures,I beleive its a try for me and you,i have never been married and i have no kids.