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Hello Dear,

Good evening and how are you doing? I am Bella from passion and sorry for the respond to your mail...I was out of reach and just got back online...I am very open minded woman that is new to the "single seeking ! I would love to find a great friend, maybe more and maybe possibly my soul mate. I have a wacky sense of humor and love to laugh. I am very down to earth and am seeking someone that is not cocky or egotistical. I would love to develop a deep friendship with a caring and honest person, and I do carry the hope that someday to have that turn into someone more if thats where the crazy road to life takes us. I have a shy side that I seem to have trouble getting over but depending on how easy a person is to talk to and if we connect then I can warm up to you pretty quickly sometimes. Honesty, and loyalty are very important to me as those are qualities I have not got to experience from a mate yet..I hope you are still single...I have attached my picture for you and hope to hear from you soon.

Hello Peter,

How are you doing today? Is a Pleasure reading your emails and i know that you really want to know more about me, well i will tell you all that you need to know about me.. OK..Its nice to hear from you once again how has life and work been with you? Hope all is well with ..I really am impressed in you and very am interested in you too...

Well,a little bit about myself..Life is good at this point..I feel I m very blessed person.Family values are very important to me.I been very blessed with loving parents and I lost them long time ago.I hope some day I ll be able to give the same love to someone that my parents had for each other maybe more than what they had..I m in good health and physically fit and I do exercise every morning.I like riding my Bike a lot, and i do that often.. But i also drive a lot too...

I am very educated,not necessarily from a collegiate accomplishment level as I am street wise and in tune with my surroundings,making me more often comfortable than anxious.I have spent a lot of time alone for being single for 2 years now.I think confidence is the greatest asset a person can have,both in themselves and in the environment around them.

I like a Man who has achieved self actualization,that is not dwelling on what happened way back,but what could happen today or tomorrow,a respectable man who is willing to commit to a relationship after we spend time getting to know each other to see if we share enough in common.I don t have any major preference towards race,age or body type.Sounds all too common,right?More than anything I am looking to meet a mature man who is at the point in her life where she is looking for a long term committed and monogamous relationship.It would be nice to meet someone who is faithful and is looking to meet someone who is faithful.

I believe in treating a man with respect and dignity.I expect the same in return.I am medium and also very beautiful lady who is at the university, I am studying Accounting at the University of Ghana,Legon ...I am kind heated and I am told, I will make a nice partner.Those that dwell in the past are not around me very long,I spot them from miles and run fast.I enjoy dancing,great conversation...

Well born in USA,New York to my American dad and Italian Mom, so kinda have a spread background, and Ooh i do have an Accent too.typical of the American and south American type.. I hope you don t get bothered with it..

Well dear, i like to do lots of things, if it does not hurt anyone am OK with it, i like playing the Video Game, with my friends, and also like planting flowers and all that, i love lots of things and i know as time goes on, you will know all that i love to do..

My favorite color,Yellow, Green,i like the Spanish, Italian, and great American foods...I like action, comedy, Drama, and Romantic movies, don t really have any Favorite actor/actress, if the movie is good am OK with it..Well time to ask questions.......So tell me more about your past relationships?How did it go and what are you looking for now in a relationship partner?I would like to know what type of work you do?Are you interested in pursuing this relationship with an open mind?

How long have been dating online?What is your typical relationship like? What type of man do you see yourself having a relationship with?How much do you like pet? Specifically dogs?Thank you very much for the lovely pictures you did sent me...You are so handsome and very wonderful...

I am going for lectures now and will attach you more pictures in my next mail...You are so handsome and wonderful in your pictures!!