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Hello my dear one
How are you doing? i hope all is ok and you have a wonderful time babe , i really like your email simple and nice composed is very romantic one, i am Emelia you sent me mail at xmatch and i am replying you and then also trying to send you my photos i am waiting for your reply and do same send me photos and i will say more about me in next mail
thank you
My Dearest Sweet xxx
Many thanks for your time you took to reply my email and then send photos from you and detail mail to let me know who you are Mr xxx, now as i told you in my first mail i am called Emelia Amponsah so in short you can call me Emelia , Now i am 29 years old i got that this year , i am single and i do not have any kids and maybe in future you and i can have a good and nice kids ahahaha, smile , Babe your life is blessing as i read your email but you lack one thing and what is that , guess you know it right , the right and responsible woman to be your wife and to be called Mr and Mrs xxx and i will also like to be called Mrs Emelia xxx , babe that missing girl and wife in your life now been found and that is me , babe i am here to make you happy and to satisfied you as a good wife in home babe.
Now i like to watch movies , listen to good cools slow sounds, i most at times want to be in a quite place with my love one , i am God fearing woman , i romantic, sexy , charming , sexy eyes, nice looking sexy body , no diseases, healthy, i have good taste for sex that is high sex drive and will be at your disposal when you need me to pleasure your self honey, i am respectful, like to travel , good sense of humor, i like fishing, jogging , bicycling and like sports as well.

i also like to keep home clean , decorate house , cook, help my lucky husband future husband in anything he will like to do and need my assistance and be back by him as a reasonable and responsible God fearing wife , i also like to wear things that looks attractive to my lucky husband that is you babe i hope.

I also have travel to Denmark before, and i went there as on visit and invitation to spend 90days but it was a bad time there for me i was in a town called KOLDING, i met a man and he is in his 60 s so as you said the most important thing to see is to meet some one real soon when you talk on the internet and to see the physical part of him or her also because everything was good this man was caring doing everything he can for me to keep me happy when i meet him just month exactly we started to prepare to meet , he help me get passport , visa , insurance , ticket he sent money and i did all these and he sent invitation letter with his papers and taxes and i was giving the visa for 90days that is 3 months to spend with him in Denmark, but the sad was that this man can not make sex , his penis is not functioning and when i was there he could not even have single sex with me for one day , so it was eating , watching movies and also going out minus sex because he can not perform so i ask him then he told he had a surgery and the doctor mistakenly cut the wrong part of his abdomen and from that day his dick is not erecting again , so he told and i agree but later he said he is wasting my time but he wanted to make sure that i am real babe and when he gave me invitation i came so he was grateful , but we agree to broke the relationship ,

so that is so bad to me but i have recover now , so now i have pick the pieces together and i need a man again , and from my feelings you would be my husband babe and i will come to you in Germany if only you want me to be with you in Germany babe , and i have all my papers i can show you babe , Honey here is my cell number 00233 27 2111173 if you sms me i will get it and answer you babe ,

so i hope all is ok with you this weekend and i wish i am there now honey , babe if you have yahoo chat messenger you can send me your chat id mine is akos_ks and will add you and chat with you i only have yahoo messenger but hotmail messenger i do not have it on my laptop and babe my laptop is with me so you can email me at anytime and will answer you honey i am serious
all i have is you
lot of kisses from me to you , have a happy Sunday.
Hello my Sweetheart xxx
Good morning and how are you doing? i hope all is ok and you have a wonderful time babe i thank you very much for your email and the photos is very erotic especially the one that you wear cup or hart is very nice i love it, you look soo handsome i must say , your so strong and i like your figure you simply noble babe, my dear i attached copies of my plane ticket copy to you , also the insurance , also the receipt from Royal Danish office as an official receipt from the visa fee but the passport i will give you that one as an attachment to you later when i get to town babe , because these ones i already have them on my computer but i had to scan the passport from the town because i do not have a scanner at home babe.

My love i will be grateful to come to you so you can get me the invitation letter and all necessary papers and i think when i get you the passport copy you can send the papers by post so that i will support it with my visa application as well babe , so i admit that invite me to come and spend 90days which is 3 months with you honey.

so my love i say it that i will be grateful to come to you babe so please start it and then prepare the invite letter to me so i will send copy of the passport to you soon my sweetheart, i really love you so much and i want to come and see you , your house where you live and then other things as well sweet love.

so i will leave to town soon and will be back home soon to send you another mail
i really care kiss you
your sweet one Mr and Mrs Emelia Amponsah xxx ahahahaha is this not sweet for us.
i care kiss you
your African queen
Hello Dear love
why i did not get your email yesterday why?
is all ok
i love and care