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How are you?
Frankly speaking I did not believe that in the Internet one can find a true love.
But one of my friends decided to find love with the help of it. And she, my friend
Anna found!!! Her boyfriend is from America and she went to visit him, when she
same here with him they told her parents that they want to marry and live in U.S.A,
you know they are very happy. My friend gave me advice to try to communicate with a
man with the help of Internet. And that became my dream and great problem!!!
You know that I am from Ukraine, so my native language is Russian and Ukrainian.
I do not know English, I am very sad of that thing!! I want to learn it, because
I need it to communicate with you, I did not even learn English at school, because
I attended Ukrainian school. My friend Anna learned English too, only when she found
her man of dream. She went to the agency, which helped her to translate letters, and
now I use it.
I guess, it s a little bit difficult to learn someone just through letters. I would
like to have your photo, could you send me one, please? And I will send you mine,
because it will be much easier to communicate if we see at least pictures of each
other. My name is Nadia, I am a young lady of 27 years. I live in
Ternopol, this is a
big Ukrainian city. It is beautiful and there are a lot of things to watch. If you
want you can see it on the map and I can tell you about it.

My birthday is on the
25th of February. I graduated from the East Ukrainian State University, with the
diploma of a teacher. Today I work in one of the Ternopol comprehensive schools.
I work there only for one year, so my salary is very little. It is bad, but unfortunately I don`t
have another choice. I live in rather small family, which consists only of three:
my mother, my older brother and me. I have father, but he doesn t live with us.
My Dad left us some years ago. He found a young and beautiful girl of my age and left
us to live with her. She doesn t want him to help us and to visit us!! I hate her, she
is very bad!! From that time we began to live not very good. My Mom is a teacher too, so
she doesn t earn a lot of money. My brother has his own family, they live not rich,
so he can t always help me and Mummy. We understand everything of course, but still
it is very painful to live alone in such situation. Now I try to work hard to give my
mother everything she needs, like she did before, though it`s not so
easy, because, like I`ve already mentioned, I earn little money and to find another job
is a difficult thing. Yeah, sometimes I`m sorry that I can t go out to the cafe with
my friends or to buy a new piece of clothes, because I have to buy food and pay for flat.

These are not the things
I dream about...
I dream to find a real love, a man who would be
my soul mate, who would always understand and take me just the way I am, who would
care not about what I am wearing on, but who I am inside, and who would never betray
me. Sometimes I feel that I need somebody would stretch me his hand of help , I would take it
and feel its warmth. This warmth would lean forward my heart and it would fill with love
and tenderness. You now, I believe in love from the first sight, and I feel that you are
a very special man, the man I have never met before. I can t find true love in my country,
because our man are egoistic and they love only themselves.

I want to tell you that if you want to learn something more about me,
something that I won`t mantion in this letter, just ask me, OK?

P.S. Dear I am from

Your new friend