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oh thank you so much for your nice pic you send for me
i like it so much, how are you doing i hope you are fine here.
if you habe yahoo chat id we can chat here nw ok
hello janiek. my dear

how are you doing i hope you are fine here, thank you so much for your nice mail to me i will so happy be communication with you start a relationship ok.

am kaddy sanyang 27yes old i live in gambia with my family i have one baby girl she is 5yes old my father is died longtime age am kind, care and lovely I am 5.6 cm tall with a weight fro 70kg pounds . My hair was blond, now it is short and i have black eye .

i was work with my woman in a cafe bt my boss don t plant me for 4 good month and i nw i stop work am help my my mother in the market to sell here .

anice to meet you thank you for your nice pic you have send for me. I try to find a man, who will live together with me and build up a family. But I can t find my MR. RIGHT.if i can say you are in the right. someboby who is kind, care, heatwork , understand, and love man in my life .i want to live with somebody who i love care for me and i will like to live my rest of my life with that man .
thank you so much for your mail am so happy meet you