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Hello dear,
I am really glad that you wrote back to me with your e mail address, I am doing great and i hope you are also enjoying your new year. I hope that everything you plan to do this year will work out perfectly for you. I don t know what to say as i am very new to internet dating dear and i will like you to tell me all about you and what you are truly looking for. I want to know if you have ever been married before and also if you have kids, I also want to know how long you have been doing internet dating and if you have found someone already.
Tell me about your favorites and also what you like to do when you are with your lover, I am very romantic lady and i also have a high sex drive, I love to kiss all the time and hold hands with my lover at all times. I hope that you are caring and sweet as i am.,
I want a man who will always have time for me and spend the best times of his life with me., I am willing to relocate anytime and i also love traveling, I hope that you also love traveling too., I am the kind of woman who loves only one man and that is the man i will marry. I love to have a family and also kids, My dream is to be a good wife and a mother,
I hope you tell me all about yourself and also send me some mails with pictures,. I care a lot and i want to hear from you soon. Lots of kisses.
Audrey. xoxoxoxox
Hi xxxxx
Thanks for your lovely mail. I really admire it and i must say that i understand you perfectly. I do want to have a better communication with you and share the best of everything with you, i am new to the online dating and i guess you will know more than i know, i am willing to learn from you and i hope you are also willing to teach me, I love to share everything with my man and love him anyway he is. I hope you understand that, i am honest,caring and always loving.
I don t drink also and i don t smoke(never) i love to eat good food and i am very healthy, I like to work out every day before i go to work, I am very good in cooking and i like movies, I love to take care of my man and love him with all my heart. I do always want to have good sex with my man because i believe that sex makes 75% of all good relationship. I love to have oral sex and also love to practice all kind of sexual exploration with my man. I hope that you understand.
I am always ready to relocate and meet the man of my dreams anywhere he is, I am not afraid to travel. I want you to tell me more about your likes and favorite, Tell me your plans for the year and the future, I am willing to be engaged anytime from now, i want to be able to have kids too and share a good time with my future husband, I am hoping to know more about you and try and ask me everything you want to know about me. I hope to hear from you soon and thank you very much for your wonderful pictures,
Take care of yourself and lots of kisses.
Your Audrey