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Hello my dearest ...............
I am happy to meet your mail now, how is your life over there? i hope you are well sounded in good healthif so may thanks be to God Almighty.My Dear i will like to introduce my self under this canoppy of contact with my vew, which i know that God will help us, i am Miss Aglica Albert, a 21years old girl from rwanda daughter to late Mr Jean Albert a once minister in rwanda who was later killed during the problem in rwanda on january 29th 1997 now i am in dakar senegal under refugee with my mother because after the death of my father my only brother Mr Alexandre Albert was jailed by the aligation of the enemy and he died in the jail,now my uncle started to persecute us about my fathers properties which he later snatched from us under treathning. now there is nothing we can do than to run for our life which is very important to us now i am in critical condition with my mother some one to be under refugee with her mother to compare with senegal where things are very hard every thing is high.Now i have desided to get married by this my age while i supose to be in school by now but nothing i can do because i can not deside to go for prostitution is over my dead fact you are the one i am looking for my life for help which i know that you can not disapoint me in the only thing that makes me tofeel happy at times is that my father left the sum of 4.900 000 us dallar in the finance house which i am the only person that is aware of it the next of kin and the whole documments and contacts is with me because my father loves me very much that was why he gave me every information about that money. now i have called the finance house and they told me that unless i have some body who will represent me with all the documments that is requared that the are not going to release the money. so this is why i am looking for whom will go for it who God fearing and if you are intrested in helping me feel free to reply so you can go for it and tranfar it to your account then it will be for us instade been in the bank because i want immiediately after the transfer you will send me some money to prepare my traveling document and meet you over there to carry on my education careier, while my mother will start a very good business there. thanks and be blessed.
My darling , my joy knew no bounds as I read through your mail this day , my darling you are a handsome one , you are really my dream type , I can t wait long to embrace you physically over there . My sweet heart, as you have known my condition over here , I am suffering allot , my days are numbered as long as I remain in this camp , please I need your help very urgent , once more , I promise to be of my best to you in deed and kind , I will make you the happiest man living on this planet earth , through love and caring . My honey , the most important thing i need from you right now is your honesty and trustworthiness. I choose you in this transaction, based on my present status here in Dakar as a refugee under asylum. According to the financial governing laws of this country, people under refugees are not allow to participate into monetary transaction or operate personal bank account with large sums international or locally.

I want you to understand more about my situation here in the camp, I am e-mailing you from the office of the Rev.Father who is pastoring at the church in the refugee camp, I have explained to him a little about my life though not everything, i told the Rev.Father about my communication with you and he permitted me to access my e-mail in his office computer twice a day, here in the refugee camp, meanwhile life is just not easy since I don t have any body here to take care of me.

I don t have access to further my education, no access to clean water, no access to good food here in the refugee camp, life has not been easy for me. I m only surviving through the aid of the Rev. Father who is pastoring at the church in the refugee camp, he has permited me to be receiving phone calls from you through his office telephone number; which is as follows:+221 473 67 48 remember to ask of me Miss.Anglica
Moreover, I went into serious discussion with the holding bank where this money is deposited into, for them to advise me on what to do in order to have access to my late father s fund, the legal department of the bank told me that in a situations like mine, that the best solution is by soliciting for assistance of a reliable foreigner who can assist me claim, receive the fund and invest it on my behalf as I wish.

I then decided to contact you, hoping that with your advanced knowledge we can be able to work together, so that if all things works out for us, we can go into life marriage if you wish because i am not yet married. Though it took me time to make up my mind to contact you and offered you this proposal of mine of which my whole life depends on.
I will furnish you with all the vital documents covering the deposited fund under the holding bank, only if you can promise me that you are not going to betray me or sit on my inheritance after it might have got into your account, please tell me more about yourself again in your next mail.

Please understand that there is no illegality involvement in this transaction, you are going to deal with the holding bank directly.I will send to you the contact of this bank where the Funds is deposited, for you to establish immediate contact with them for the transfer.
Finally, i am suggesting that if we can go into life partnership as time goes on which means that the proceedings from the investment in your country shall be shared equally between the both of us because i do not know much about international business and i am putting my entire inheritance of my late father to your care because i want you to be in total control of my funds as soon as the fund arrives your country.
Please i will like you to send to me your full data such as .

(1)Telephone number ............................
(2) house Address.................................

On reply of this email will i forward to you all the contact of the Finance House where this Money is deposited by my late father for you to make contact with them and ask them the possibility of releasing the money to your acount, i am looking forward to read from you.and After the transaction we will work for my comming to your country within 1 or 2 weeks time. I will be expecting your reply ,
I am waiting for your response soonest.
Love with care from,
Many hugs and kisses!
Your Anglica