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My Name is Tina Well I live with my little brother Fred and my mom,who I work with in her vegetables shop.I am 31 years this March,30.Never been married and have no kids.My dad,xxx is a late about 7 years now,that s when Fred is about 11 years old.
I am a graduate in Accountancy,I worked to serve the nation after my graduation so I have experience about the job.I attended Stephens Creche/Kindergarten and Nursery for my per school.I then moved to Services basic and elementary where I had my basic education.St Mary Senior Secondary School is where I had my high school education after which I moved to Zenith College for my Accountancy.I am really keen to work in my field,but because of high unemployment rate here in Ghana,it is very hard to get a job and even with the best grades,you are demanded to put some money before granted a job.Can you imagine that.
Exercising is part of me.I juggle every weekends,so as to get my body balance.I am really an optimistic person and I care alot to what I eat.I like to eat vegetables and fruits.I like less of fatty foods and I try to make less of sugar.You can tell which kind of person I am huh.I like sweets but not much of it.I like to eat some American dishes like the spaghetti,pizza and a little of European dishes,shrimps and some others.I like the local foods we have here,some of which are, banku,fufu,jollof rice and the likes.They are mostly carbohydrates foods,so I am careful taking them.
My favorite color is red,I take red as one of my favorite colors because it signifies love.Also white is a color which I like more.White shows good deeds and alot of good things are considered white.I like to set my bed with white because anytime,I see white,I feel like in heaven,and I will like for my honey moon bed to be set
I like to jog,watch movies,listen to music,hang out with my best friend,Saula.Read my bible,read novels,magazines,watch musical videos,browse the internet,go to the beaches,cook, I am good cook and anyone who knows me,I mean who truly knows me knows that.
I am more of a cools,r&b,gospel and a little rap person.I like to listen to mostly the American gospel and some gospel we have here.I like to listen to songs from Akon,Celine Dion,Mary J Bilge.I like mostly all the cool artistes and I like to listen to alot more music when I feel lonely and idle.As the adage goes,music is the food for the soul.So you can say why every soul likes music. Movies....I like to watch documentary programmers,horror movies,adventurous movies,romantic movies and a little of action.I like to scream and hold the one sitting by me tight when watching horror movies.This is perfectly done when you re watching movies with your love one.Am I being romantic,pardon me.
Friends are those who will raise you and some friends are those who will bring you down.I have a couple of friends.All my friends are my childhood friends.I know who I choose as friends.I can make you a casual friend but before I take you to be an acquainted or intimate friend,it takes a long time,unless I see you to be chaste.I am very careful because I have had a friend who nearly put me into my grave,so I know what I am doing in choosing one to be my friend.
I come from a God fearing family and we attend the church services every weekend.Mom is the only one who attends mid week church services.We all attend the Assemblies of God Church.I like my church service alot and I can t afford to do without it every weekend.We go to the church at 9 in the morning and come back after a 3 hour church service.My pastor is quite a good preacher and he tries to do all that he can to put the fear of God in us.
I like to be faithful and be treated with dignity and respect as that s part of me that I offer to people.I hate to tell lies and to be told one.I am a straight woman and I like my partner to be bold enough to tell me what he likes and doesn t like,what he is up to and anything bothering him.With these features about me,I lived happily with my true friends and badly and mercilessly with my so called friends.
What I like to achieve in the future ?? What do I have to say here,help me I like to be an independent lady,working to earn enough to help myself and the family.I like to be my lovely man s home to call my husband.Have my kids after marriage,then can call it really achievement,because any lady would be happy to have this in her life,so do I.
I want to meet a man who is happily working or if not working,earning enough to help me cater the family.I believe in 50-50 relationship,the man don t have to be supplying all the family needs and wants.I want to meet a man who is focused in the future and who believes in nothing in relationship but marriage.One who is spontaneous,focused,loyal,loving,caring,dedicative,hardworking,helpful and loving.Also,a man who is A One Man s Woman,one who is to his lovely woman alone and no one else as I am really a jealous lady.Every rational being in this world is jealous and if anyone tells you he/she is not jealous,the person has to be checked and see what kind of being he/
she is.My man can be open to ladies,but not to the extent of kissing them,can take his co-worker to dinner,I am fine with that but no to the extent of making love proposals to them.If I find out about this,I am not going to be fine with it at all.As a matter of fact,I am a person who gives chances to the partner,I will give you chance after first discovery of having affairs with ladies,but mind you,this is not by someone telling me,but after I see it or any signs of it.I can give up to 3 chances,after which I can file for divorce because I can not go with a man who would one day hurt me and dump me anywhere like that.I have been through this before and will not give it a chance to repeat itself again. I am not a selfish woman,so what I demand from my man is what I am giving out and I am giving out to the maximum.I am spontaneous,focused,loyal,loving,caring,dedicative,hardworking,helpful and loving.I am A One Woman s Man.I dont go ahead moving from man to man like whore,sorry for sounding rude,but I have to spell it out to make everything fine for both of us,incase the hurricane of love takes us away.
Relocation....??? I would relocate to my husband if he wants us to stay together at his place.I don t have any limit in relocating,I will relocate within any mile to catch up with my man.I will stay in any kind of home,being it the man with the above qualities is there,being with that man is enough wealth for me.I love a man for the affection he has to offer me not the wealth he has for me. I will like to have a maximum of 3 kids so as to give them the maximum care for the well being in the future.Good education they have to pursue. I will like to work in my matrimonial home to help my husband take good care of the family.As I am the woman,I want to do all the household chores but it is fine with me if he wants to help sometimes,but not to mess around,crash the plates whiles I am
I have to reserve some for the next time after I hear from you,this is getting longated and you will be yawning trying hard not to sleep,by the time you finish reading this email and will not get the lower part which is the climax of this I will be looking forward to hearing from you and hopefully,this time a long email to tell me alot about you and what you want.
Hello xxx! Thanks for your mail and the pics of you ...To be honestly you are very handsome man and strong man, You see i did like you to know a little more about me,my life has been filled with heartbreaks and i don t want anymore hurt or pains in my life..i want to find a man who wants a relationship based on truth, real love, Compassion, friendship, loyalty and Honesty..
I want to be able to be romantic to my man with love, not him telling me things like if you love me, you will do this or that for me, i want to be able to do anything to make him happy because i love him not because he tells me to do it, know what i mean?
I want to feel excited with my man when we Kiss, hug, when we hold hands while we are in public or our home and im a realist, I am not materialister, i would rather have someone to respect, care for and love from my heart and soul then money,You know money can be nice but it can t buy you real love, i just want it to be that anything we were to own as ours not mine or yours and i know that there are somethings that will be mine and hes in some cases but do you know what i mean?
I want to be able to spoil my man by opening a door for him or carrying things for him, taking his shoes off when he s back from work for no special reason but that i care for him.
Me too have been hurt by the opposite but i don t hold it against other men because they have not hurt me yet and i hope that we can get to know each other better and see how things might go from there.
I like to know how to make them happy, how to make them feel special and can be really romantic sometimes too especially with my man, i like to surprise him by doing special things like leaving a flower on their car windscreen, leaving a card for them at their favourite shop for the shop worker to give to them.
i like the private moments with my man when we can share intimate things, talk about plans, desires, feelings and as i said before, im quite physical.i love to hug, touch and be touched, love to show affection to my man and i love it when he s very affectionate with me.
I long to be intimate only with my man so that we could be able to give unbridled passion and when i find the man who i feel is my soul mate, i look forward to when we can spend time alone cuddling on the sofa, watching tv/films, making out, caressing and kissing.
I can t wait to have sex with my future husband, you know am a sexual person and i love the thought of being intimate with him in every way.
I want a husband who feels the same way, Who has the same sexual appetite as i do and desires to be as intimate as i do but all of this must be within the context of an exclusive relationship so i will protect the sanctity of my future marriage.
It doesnt matter to me if my future husband has a sexual history as far as im concerned when we get together we start it from fresh, his past is not of importance to me after all we all have past histories and what matters most is we should learn to leave it in the past and be more focused on what the future holds,know what i mean?
Do you want to have children again?
I would love to have children but in anyway i would be happy with the children my partner also has if he does not want more kids because i believe children are precious gifts from the almighty God and therefore we should take good care of them both physically and spiritually in the lords direction so they would not go astray, know what i mean?
I love kids and i so much want to have like 2 or 4 if that will be possible and teach them the love of God but i dont want to be strict with them, i want to shower them with love, devotion but with discipline not harsh but enough to make them able to make their own decisions,know what i mean?
Where have you been? Do you like to travel?
I have not really been anywhere but i did like to travel.
You serious about meeting someone? I am very serious and ready.i have been hurt so many times in my life but yet i have soo much passsion and love that i want to pour out on one special man.
I want to make him feel like there is no better man on the face of the earth and i dont want to put him on a pedestall because that would not be fair on him but i want him to know that he has one woman who thinks that he s is soo important so needed and wanted.
I want him to feel that he has someone who is loyal to the utmost, faithful and dedicated to his needs..i want to be able to satisfy all his needs, emotional, intellectual, physical, spiritual and most importantly sexual and you know my greatest pleasure is knowing that i can provide all these things with Gods help.
Are you willing to move for the right relationship?
I would because i have done it before and i would not mind doing it again,know what i mean?
Tell me what you enjoy doing? What you do to have fun likes the kinds of music and movies you like?
I love watching comedies and romance, i also love dramas and thrillers as well as true story,i loved the Bourne Identity and Titanic movie,ever watched it?
I love fantasy films, Lord of the Rings is my favourite.tell me what makes you laugh, smile, and cry?
Me what makes me smile is crazy funny people, sarcastic people like Dr Cox on Scrubs.i love his character and i love intelligent commedy like political satire,love Robin Williams, Jim Carey and Mike Myers they crack me up so much.
I love watching those home video clips of kids doing hilarious funny things, kids make me laugh and the things they say, you never expect it.
What makes me cry, im always moved when i see scenes on tv between parent and child when they are struggling or dealing with the relationship which reminds me of my mum and seeing kids on news left homeless because their parent have been killed in war gets me crying too . Hope to hear from you sooner ..... Take Very Good Care Of Your Self xxx And Be Good And Stay Blessed......

Love Tina.