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Hello my dear, how are you doing there now i hope you are feeling better there this Moment, well my dear am very glad to find you and i think this is something little about i and my family.......hope you are doing good and also thinking of how to
meet me again, Well am Christiana 34 yrs old single but recently
living in (West-Africa)(Ghana) ,what I love is reading novels as well
as cooking and doing a lot of house works. I also like to hang out with
loved one as well..I am looking for real man who is loving and caring
and ready for a family .I need a man who is ready to love me 100% just
as much am I am ready to give him my love.I am from a good background,
I am a very good Christian and I am born into a Christian family, I am
very faithful and honest and under no circumstance will I be unfaithful
to my partner or anyone and to add to this I am a choir at the church
and I sing very well... ..................I am a smart, attractive and
independent woman. I am a little bit on the shy side, but once I get to
know someone I open up. One of my best attributes is that I can talk
about anything and I am a good listener. I find people in general
fascinating. I am an honest person. A single woman, I am always trying
to be a good example of what a good woman needs to be. I love to laugh
and I have a serious side and a jokester side. I am a loyal person - a
good friend, am proud of that fact. I don t believe that there is such
a thing as a "perfect" match, but my ideal match would be a mentally
mature man, who loves to laugh and have a good time in life. Someone
who actually wants a relationship and does not play games. He should be
a descent human being and kind at heart.. I have been hurt before .i am
here because i need a serious soul mate and it was only you i e-mailed
to see if it will work out and it did work out thanks to God. I am an
easy going person and can find something to like in most activities. My
current favorite things to do are gardening and watercolor painting. I
love reading sci-fi, romance, action and some crime drama. I enjoy
movies of the same genres. I travel around a bit locally and spend
time . and appreciate quiet times at home, but I do enjoy sparkling
good times away from home too. I never let my size get in the way of
what I want to do. I don t wait around for others before I get going
and do those things. Which sometimes means I do things alone rather
than not at all. My friends consider me to be compassionate, patient ,
wise and funny. I stand up for the underdog and speak up when no one
else will. I have a high level of integrity and honesty and I
appreciate the same qualities in others. I believe in doing good and
being good also this about i and my family dear....well my
dear i want you to know more about me so my real Name is
Christiana Ackom and am 34 years old of age also we are two
children in the family which is i and my brother .we are one
girl and one boy and i am the first born for my parents
and he is the second born and my brother s Name is William Ofori and he is 21 years old of ages and he is a student
in the high school now .my mum s Name is Hannah and my
dad is also called Stephen and as i already told you my
dad is no more alive so due to that we are with our mum
in Ghana ...and my mum loves us much so love...this is some
thing little about my family so i will be happy to hear
from you also so that we can both know better about our
family OK my dearest love...and now that you have come on my
way i think things are going to be possible and easy for
me so my dear i want you to be the honest man for me and
also believe me and trust me and give your heart to me so
that we can make a term relationship soon OK i love you baby my dear please show me that you really love me OK
cos the word love is about trust and believe OK so i want
you to have patience on me OK and let s build the most family
one day if God permit us OK i love you...i will be happy
to know more about you also my love..OK have a sweetie day
and grateful dream about me OK. i hope to meet you soon
online my dear this is just small about i and my
family but Sorry for the distant among as but i think if
you are real here for me this i think you don t have to
care about that all have we need is build trust and
believe among us OK then we can one day meet in happiness,this is some few questions for you to answer as well,
1.What do you seek for in a relationship?
2.What are the basic qualities you seek for in a woman?
3.What sort of relationship you seek for?
4.You ever been married?Got kids?
5.How long have you been single?
6.How do you treat your woman? need a woman?
9.Do you know what went wrong in your past relationship(s)?
10.Do you know what you want in a new partner?
11.Do you smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol or do drugs?
12.How many brothers and sisters etc. you have?( How big is your family?)
13.What s the year you were born and how old you are?
14.What types of music or movies or TV Shows you like?
15.What is your goals or dreams in life?
16.What do you dream about at night?
17..What s your favorite foods & drinks?
18.What s your religion?
19.what do you do on your leisure time?
so my dear i will be happy to know a bit about you to know about you too?.
Well Kindly hit me back when you are interested for us to get to know each other and see what will happen in our life time really serious with my search and i want the right man too, who know what he wants here too Okay.
Hello to you there,
Well Dear,thank you very much for your lovely and caring message to me Okay and i will like to say you are much interesting and your saying and that of mine is almost same Okay and i will like to have much time with you to know your better and see what is going to happen in the nearby future if there is much going to be in common for us Okay..well but i would like to say am sorry for your news about the German ladies there Okay..and i hope you don t have any problem for me been born and raised in Ghana dear...well if not am Okay with you Okay and i will like to have a family with you Okay and you also look great and wonderful to me Okay and i will like to spend much time with you i thank you very much for now and i will like to end it here with you now Okay and never mind about your English Okay you are even perfect done i Okay..i like your pictures too so take very good care of yourself Okay and stay bless for me if you still have much feelings to start family with me then try hard to add me or contact me at or Okay....also i want you to know that i don t have any work for living Okay and mum who still care for my brother and i Okay..God be with you..