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Hello ...

Thank you for having contact with me .I hope that we will have a nice and good contact with each other.
How are you doing ? I hope by the Grace of God you are fine and everything is well with you.I m really happy to have contact with you.I will like to tell you more about me and what I m doing for living and what brings me to online dating site.I am xxxina as well and my mother name is call the Priscilla but you can call me Gina for short.35 years.I was born US and raised in United kingdom (UK) .My father is white American and my mother is West Africa Ghana, I have,black hair ,brown eyes white in complexion,slender body type..

I m fun, witty and have a great smile. I m kind, caring, funny, independent, family friendly, honest, and God fearing person.
I m attracted to open and somewhat liberal minds, adventurous spirits, kind souls and warm hearts.I like holding hands , having a long walk with good company of friends,going to the beach and pool , I like playing and listening to music a lot, I like watching DVD , I do go to the pools and like jogging .My hobbies are :Reading ,Cooking at Home and also likes animals and love kids very much and traveling a lot..My likes are :I like people who are truthful and honest and my dislikes are,I hate people who lies and Cheat others..

I was in Relationship before and my Xboy friends what to cheat on me and i stop with him ,I know that we all have been there and that s why we are back looking or searching for our Soul Mates.This is my first time of dating on the internet and you are the first man i have met now and i really wish to keep contact with you.I came out from my last relationship about 5 years now and i came out of it positively understanding that you will have to make room for communication or create an avenue for discussing issues that affect the relationship besides always working towards making it better each and every day..

As at now,I am looking for that Special man, My Soul Mate , My Dream Lifetime Partner , My Best Friend , My Lover , My Companion,My king , My Future husband ..Right now,all i am looking for in a man is first of all LOVE and that comes in many forms but to me I believe the most important spice in a relationship is Trust,Loyalty,Care,Communication and being able to do things together.I want someone who has a good sense of humor and a good sense of purpose and that is she knows what she wants and always goes for them..I have a dream of a good future with a loving husband and a happy home with beautiful children..

I would like to end here with much love and respect.Thank you for having time reading my long email and I can t wait to hear from you soon,and i want to know you more my dear...Bye and take care...Take care and have a nice evening at home or at work...Kiss and Hugs...

Stay Bless
Dear xxx,
I know you will read this second mail .I am staying with my mother in Ghana and i am a Nurse How are was your night my dear one.I hope you are fit as feedle.I will like you to send me a very nice and lovely family photos...,I really enjoyed my self to have a contact from a man with great sense of humor .You are ideal man,I love that.I really respect your personality.As i told you in my earlier mail,I want a man! A man who i can love and respect,loving,caring,honest,faithful man and someone who understand each other.A man who can love me for who I m but not with the idea of having handsome man in her life.A man who can love my future and bring happiness in in my life for me and take me as his own wife and live together as family..
I would like to tell you more about my self to you and also about my family.I was born USA raised UK. I was born in Jacksonville (in the naval hospital), Florida and lived in Daytona Beach.I finished my Associates of science And Technology , science and got my A+ Certification (which qualifies me to be allowed to work in any of the big hospital in USA or any Hearth company). I was a member of a church called The Gathering Place (or TGP for short). I go on Saturday nights and/or Sundays. I actually try to go on both days (I also help out there when ever I can). TGP is a wonderful church and God s presence is so strong in there.
I am a down to earth person. I care deeply about people and will do anything and everything to try to help them out any way that is possible that is within my power. I hate fighting. It s not my thing. I have never been in jail. I have never done drugs and am smoke free. I sometimes do drink (only socially) when I go out though. I am a down to earth Christian. God is my hero and savior. Since God is the head of my life all else will fall into place.I love life and I enjoy everyday for what it is worth . . A gift. I love to have fun, bu ene. I have fun but in different ways. I m not perfect (nobody is), but the lord knows that I try to be. I always try to put God first in my life. I love my family no matter what. Family and friends are at the top of my list.
I love theme and water parks (especially Disney World, Sea World, Universal Studios, and Wet N Wild). I love the beach. I love going to the movies. I do love video games. However, I am not hooked on them and only play them from time to time. There are more important things to life then just video games. The music that I listen to (in this order) are the following: worship, country, and oldies (will tolerate rock).My father is White American and my mother is from Ghana.My father was living and working in South Africa and West Africa for many years.My sister was a teacher in a High school.he teaches History and English in a High School in East Ridge High School.FL.My father was a real Estate Manger in Pretoria and also running car business in Africa and buy Gold to Europe and the state .My mother too was nurse in xxxburg Metropolitan Hospital.My mother is now a Mid Wife.I love my mother so much.Birthday of my mother is 31.December - is it s funny?The last day of the year...LOL
My Heart is considered to be the seat of love. The heart also signifies life . The heart is important for sustaining life, just as love. Most lovers prefer substituting the word love by a heart. This should give you an idea as to how important this symbol is and the volume it speaks of your love for your someone special.I want to carry the memory of you in my thought forever.You are really nice man and i want keep you if you are willing.I don t care about the ethnic and the distance .All i want is real love from a lovely and decent man like you.
I hope that you have already given the opportunity to get to know you and the chance to know you more and spend my life with a man like you.I now look to the future and forget the past,I can t wait to read a lovely mail from you again.Kiss and hugs from me...You Catch my heart...
Your s Forever Sunshine..

Gina ....