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Hello xxx,
Nice hearing from you once again and i hope you are doing very well today.
Am kari from aff and you sent to me your id there.

Am a woman of 31yrs old of age and am on there looking for a man for a long term relationship which will last forever and you ?

xxx,i will be very happy to hear from you very soon and to get to know more about you so i will be very happy if you tell me more about you and what you are really looking for.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Many thanks for writing back to me and i hope you are doing very good now.
i really like your mail very well and i hope we can start a good communication and check out our personality as you have said.

. something little about me.

I have a black hair and blue eyes,5 feet tall,single with no kids now.
i have been into a relationship before but out of it now because he was cheating on me whiles i was doing every thing for him as a real woman of my now on here looking for a real man to be with and to share and spend the rest of my life with and i hope you are decent and good to be with only the woman you love.

I work as a nurse(mid-wife) but just finish school so am now looking for a hospital to work with.
Am now at home so i use to help my mom at her orphanage center where she takes care of little children who do not have parents to live with.i live in a rent house which is very close to where my mom lives.

In my free times,i use to play and watch video games,ride a cycle,read books and watch comedy movies to make me laugh ,since am at home alone in most time.

i don t drink,i don;t smoke,i don t gamble as well,i don t get my self involve in drugs and i don t steal always happy with what i have with me and i hope you are of the same too.

Am on the dating site because a friend of mine has been able to find her man there and they are together now and the man is not cheating on her so i also think i may be lucky as her to find my real man there and to spend the rest of my live with.i have talk to other men there but they don t seem to very serious looking for some one to love but just looking for a lady to talk to when they are at home doing nothing and i hope you are not like that.

i will be happy to get to know you well and even to meet each other in person to see how it will go from there,because i know true love can really be felt when the two partners see each other and hold each other in person.true love is what is show from the heart and i hope your love is true.

i know very well that sex is very important and it forms part of a relationship and should not be deny to the other partner.i do understand love and relationship and i know sex is part of it and it shows real love too and it is part of every human on this earth.
And i understand one must have the chance to enjoy sex when he needs it with his very simple and i do what will let my man know i care for him and it is him that i love and no one else .

i will also like to marry and have children since i don t have one but will do that with the man who will love and care for our children and the future.and i do agree we must get to know more about each other first.

so what have you plan for the future and your family ?
And what is your dream to achieve on the earth ?
Hope to hear from you soon xxx.
i hope all is well with you now

are you so busy to reply to me ?

hope to hear from you soon.