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Thanks for the email address you sent to me .please dear am Maybell from Ghana .please dear am 30yrs old single lady who is seeking for long term relationship .please dear am a hair dresser please dear this is the time for me to search for my love that s why am on the site and now searching for my soul mate to be with .please dear i will be happy to know more about you too and see what goes ok
kiss and hugs s
hello dear how are u doing?
please am Maybell me from Ghana .. . I liked your profile
this site and I decided to give a structure to you I ve actually already desperate
search for my love, my prince here, and I decided to try to find on the Internet. . My growth 5 8 cm, weight 59 kg. am 30years old. I have never been married. I have no children. My eyes are very beautiful, I think my view is estimated on a photo. I like to go for the beautiful photos sport.I often go to a training course and fitness club, I like to keep in shape. Do not smoke or drink alcohol. I
I think this is a commitment to youth, beauty and health. As for me I think the main thing in the person of his soul and his private world but for me it is very interesting to see your photos. I live with my mom.
I live with mum .. Because in some years my parents divorce .. I m with my mom ...My mother is 62 years and is now too old I think you know ..... please dear if I have my soul mate and my love from here, I promise to delete my profile ......
I think you can find a political map of the world. I like to walk the streets of
museums participate. In our city we have some theaters, museums, houses of culture. We visit often with my friends, cinema, and we do not see film. I like to walk the streets when sprig came. I did not expect me to answer. I thought
just a joke. I hope that you and learn every other.Also. I want to know more about you. Tell me about your habits, friends. Tell me where you live. What do you eat? Write to me all the information that yes, ok? Do not hesitate to ask, I will try to answer all your questions.IE must wait dear answer.please I like a man as he is, truth, compassion, love. Dear, faithful and dislike lies .. ... Am happy about the pictures you send to me . .... dear hoping to hear from u soon