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Dearest ONE ,

Thank you so much for your prompt response to my mail. However, i pray this mail finds you in a good and perfect condition of health. Nevertheless, thanks for taken your precious time to reach me and i must buttress the fact that the content therein is quite obvious.

Prior i proceed; i will seize this little opportunity of my disposal to make a brief introduction of myself. My name is Tilda Dabah, am 26years of age, from a small country here in West Africa called The Gambia.

My dear, i just have to tell you these, i know that sometimes pride gets in the way of expressing emotions but i believe that is the cause of my reticence in telling you how i felt, the fact that passion in an extreme state can be scary, but if i should shut it away for fear it will eventually destroy me. I so much wanted to feel love and care since the untimely demise of my parents has prevented me of having affection i could have gotten from them had it been they were alive.

Actually i took it upon myself to put shame aside and reach you with my previous mail by expressing my candid emotions, so please do bear in mind that the most important thing in a relationship is love, believing, respect and mutual understanding, and above all, to have a TRUE and SUSTAINABLE Love.

My dear, i have attached my picture to this mail so that you can have a clear glimpse of my person, and if you don t mind, i beseech you to attach also your picture in your response to this mail so that i can know you more.

I will have to end here for now with much love and kisses, am wishing you a blissful and wonderful days ahead!

Affectionately yours,

Dearest xxx,

Thanks a million for the lovely mail you sent me, honestly the contents are just so breathe taken and i am immensely honored by your comments.

My dear, i don t just know where to commence but rather i just have to give thanks to God for ever bringing you into my life because you have shown me the true meaning of love through your expression in your mail.

Actually i took it upon myself as an obligation to reach you with my previous mail by expressing my candid sensation, because i know that the most important thing in a relationship is love, believing, trust, respect and mutual understanding and above all, to have a sustainable love.

First and foremost i will make a brief introduction of myself and my social life, as you will know before now, my name is Miss Tilda Dabah and very soon i believe my name will become Mrs. Tilda xxx xxx. I am 5ft 6inches tall, and am weighing 58kg; actually i am trained and cultured by my parents in a good and civilized way of living, i love reading in my space time, swimming, playing table tennis and gardening. More so, one of my major activities are cooking and inventing ideas. I am simple, easy going, social, loving and caring lady, i also love to share social life and learn the way of life of others and their cultures and my favorite food is fried rice and chicken.

My dear, i really do appreciate your remarks in regards my picture i sent to you and i must tell you emphatically that i am honored by your compliments. Believe me, you also look so gorgeous as well in your pictures you sent to me and i must confess that i am captivated by your looks.

Honey, you need not to beg for my pardon in regards your bad English, i want you to understand that we all learn English language and besides, i am very happy i can understand all that you wrote me in your email.

Frankly speaking, i am so happy to know you work as an accountant (like controller) in a big real estate company and your company rents and hire flats and buildings. And you are living in your own house with garden and grasses. Believe me; i so much give glory to God to have someone as special as you in my life. However, in regards the work i am doing, actually there is no job opportunity here in Dakar-Senegal, so i took it upon myself to learn hair dressing, just to keep myself busy and not to be wayward fellow. Actually i so much have the desire to further my education but due to the financial condition of my mother of her not being able to pay for my tutorial bills that is why i couldn’t further my education to the university but it will be a thing of joy for me if you will want me to continue my education.

My dear, it really pleases my heart upon knowing some things you dislike, that is you don t smoke, you don t drink (too much, never) and you don t gamble. Sweetheart i must confess that you have so much captivate my heart and it seemed so natural, like we have known one another for years; how i wish you could see through my heart so you can visualize how much you really mean to me. Honey i just felt am with you now so i can show you how much i do really love you because it s straight from the bottom of my heart!

Honey i quite understand also your utmost reason why you have been in search of a lady in the time past, one who will live together with you and build up a family but you are yet to find your MRS. RIGHT. Honey i give you my word today that your search has been answered and it has come to an end because i know for sure both of us will definitely make a happy family as we raise up our kids together. But it’s so awful that German ladies are very different, honestly you being quiet and calm makes me love you more.

Believe me, i so much love you the more for making me to understand that i am the one you have been searching for. Honey I can’t wait to come to Germany and live together with you. Thank you once again for making me to understand that i am younger than you, and if we both want to have a child you must have a wife from younger age.

My dear, honestly your presence in my life has brightened my whole being despite the distance. Please i will like you to be sincere with me in answering my questions because i so much put my trust in you:

1. Are you sure you will be there for me?

2. Can i trust you like a Father?

3. Are you really going to marry me?

4. Will you take my aged mother as your mother?

Honestly am asking you these questions because i love you with all of my heart and all my soul even though i am thousands of miles away from you; i really want to be by your side inasmuch you have made me to understand that you will want me to live with you in your own house there in Germany and we both raise our kids together. Honey though you have imperfections just like everyone else, but that is why i love you; i truly could not live my life without having someone like you and i want you and the whole world to know that i love you and i wish to be forever yours.

Honey i quite understand your one point, which is important to you, and that is you like erotic and sex very well and that you like touching and kissing which is your part of being together with a woman. Honey i quite consent with you that Sex is not the first level, but it’s important that you like it and you must have it because without having it there is no way you can get me pregnant.

My darling i want to use this little opportunity of my disposal to notify you once again that i love you from now until death do us part. Right now, i want you to know that i don t want to lose you for anyone else or anything that anyone has to say about you, but all i want you to know is that i love you from the deepest part of my heart because my love for you is unconditional.

Sincerely speaking honey, my love for you is becoming stronger and i am just at a loss for words when it comes to you. I want you to know that i love you and always will i love you and there is nothing that will ever change that about how i feel...I love you and you only will i love all the rest of my life.

Be it as it may, i just have to end here for now with my unconditional love for you, with much kisses and hugs; i will be expecting your prompt response as soon as you in receipt of this message. Till i hear from you, i wishes you all the best in your endeavors’ and a relaxed and blissful weekend, above all do stay well and God bless you; please honey do take good care of yourself for me till we meet in person because you are my everything.......

Affectionately yours,
Dearest xxx,
With deep and sincere emotions am reaching you with is mail and i pray it finds you in a good and perfect condition of health! However, i presumed you had a wonderful weekend.

My dear, actually i have not been myself as i have not heard from you after my response to your mail on Saturday. I hope all is well with you? Please do bear in mind that i am worried about your sudden silence, and if i have in any way offended you that have resulted to your sudden silence? Please i beseech you to find a place in your heart to forgive me.

I hope to hear from you as soon as you are in receipt of this mail with much love and kisses!

Affectionately yours,