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Hello xxx..
How are you doing today am glad and happy to hear from you and i want you to know that am please and i cant wait to see or hear from you online...its my greatest pleasure to mail you and tell you how much happy i am and will always want to meet you online so that we can chat to know muchabout each other..take care and i hope to hear from you soon ,
yours IVY
Hello handsome..
Am very please again to hear from you and also you telling me all about your self,is good to know all this things that you are telling me and let me tell you about the betrayer of a man who i thought he is the perfect and only man in my life did to me...his name is mike and his from canada we met on the net and we chat for almost a year before he deside to visit me here,i was so happy and when he came we spend time together and because of him i stop going to work just to be with him and he told me he will marry me and we will have children and also he will take me to his country canada..
What happen was he went back to his country and he promise to let me join him there so that we will achieve our dream but when he went back he contact me and told me his very sorry he can not make it up to me because his exwife is back to him and he loves her so much so we should quit the relationship..after all i have been through because of him i lost my work,time and what he pays me with is sadness so my dear am scared to fall in the same hands again..but i wish you are real and you are not here to decieve and lie me like he did...
If you dont mind we can talk on phone to hear the voice of each other and for that we can know how each other sound,hope to hear from you soon and i want to tell you that am very happy you mail back.By the way you are very handsome and you are any mans dream.....

yours IVY
Hello my dear,how are you doing i guess you are busy and you did not get the chance to mail me back but i know you will surely reply back bcos am waiting for it..take care and i miss your mail so bad