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Am real my love, you gave me that address on the site,am really real, i will like to meet you and have time with you, i hope you are serious and and i do ont like games, please tell me more of your self cos i will write u more kk


Hello,love I am really sorry if I might have disturbed you with my letter. I just saw your profile and I liked it that instant. And so I m writing my letter to you and I feel myself happy. I don t know what I should tell you about myself in the first place because I make an acquaintance through Internet for the first time. Perhaps I will start with the simplest. My name is Sandy I was born on October 2nd in 1980,

.I live in the town of Accra, Ghana. I ve got black eyes and blond hair. I have never been married and have no children but I want to have them, though. I work as a seller in a toy stall at the market,a hotel some other small and petty places. I give happiness to little kids, so to say (joking !!!) I am said to be very romantic and to have a rich imagination . So I try poetry and prose, and use my senses for love and romantic awareness I also love cooking and some other things. My free time depends on my mood, sometimes I like being alone or with my cat reading some book or listening to the music , sometimes in a gym or in a small caffee with my friends. But no matter how I feel, no matter what time of the year it is, I always love to be in the nature. Sometimes I think that when all is bad, just look at the sky, at the river, at the trees and I understand that life is beautiful and is not over. If you got interested in me, as you have written to me by giving out your address then i hope we can hook up and see and know the common between and within us.. Please know that I am here not for entertainment and you could be the one who I need and I could be the one who you need. One more thing... we wont have problems in communicating each other because I know English pretty well. I ll be waiting for your letters. Sincerely. Sandy
I have not seen and read from a man sort like you..i know you are fine,i have now also sent you a email about myself and other stuff and i hope you read them and take them so good and cool..

I really thank you for all the good things you have sent to to me and basing on your important place of sex, try and get a real girl or a lady and you will see that what you seek is real ok..You spoke of sex which is the best thing every man looks at...

I will start by telling you that, you are a man who will love to meet a lady, well like you read before i live in Ghana and am real, that is all i can tell you, am seriously looking for a man who is suitable and accredited for real strong realtionship leading to marriage, am sorry you were on a dating site looking for a female to get married to but you have none..but i want to tell you this,are you married, are you really looking for a lady to be with, well, i hope the next time around, we have to exchange phone numbers so we can have a little more knowledge about each other and communicate, but i assure you that, what ever you seek, you find in me, if marriage you find in me, but i was also
hoping to learn more things about you, i wish i i could meet you real and you will know am real, in my family i have a brother ad other sisters, a cousin stuff, my love, this is the our we need to come together and reason to know about each other, reality to reality, ..

Have you you ever been in Ghana, if not that s where i live and i cannot tell you anything more than to tell you am real and when you want to find me, just send my photos on publishing, you will get me, so because am real i do not want to do anything to hurt my fellow man, i believe in creation, i have smokers and i do not smoke, well i will be glad to see your pictures again if any you have and i will like us to talk and that know what we needed to know about each other so ic an join you in Germany, i really love your pictures and i mean you are good ad that is what am hoping for that you are going to look loving in bed with me, i love to talk to you again, i hope we have met what is in us and all is common, i will enlish to talk back with you with care...

i care much for both of us, lovely kisses