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My dear,
How are you today? from the bottom of my heart, i hope that you are healthy for me, My dear, i am very happy that you have accepted my offer of our friends. Please do not be surprised as i am telling you about my life. I am living in the refugee camp here Dakar Senegal as my parents were killed during the war fought in my country Rwanda.
The name of my late father is Dr. Chuba Meriemag and he was the adviser to the former head of states before the rebels attack in our house and killed him and my mother including my brothers and sister. It is only me is alive.
My dear, i have something to tell you in my next mail, I would like to know more about you.Your likes and
dislikes, your hobbies and what you are doing
presently. I will tell you more about myself in my next
I attached here my picture for you.
I am waiting to hear a good response.
My dear,
How are you today? from the bottom of my heart, i hope that you are healthy for me, please i am very happy to read your lovely mail as i have agreed to come and spend the rest of my life with you forever as your lovely wife but you did not say any thing about the death of my parent as you know that to lose parents is a great loss.
My dear, thank you for your lovely photos which you looks so great as i love to be your wife, if you agreed as i have already agreed to be your lovely wife.
My dear, i love to have children with you as i have told you about my life and where i come from and the place i live now.
Please how do i come to you? can you come here and take me? My dear i do not have passport and other traveling documents, can you help me to get them? i will like you to write and tell me your plan so that we will start making an arrangement on how i will come as you know that my movement is restrict but through my reverend every thing will be possible.
I love you as i will not like you to break my heart as i have started loving you as my husband.
My kiss to you.