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Hello Dear,
A little about me, I believe in the four C , Commitment, Communication, Compromise And Contentment all of these much be in a relationship to make it grows and last forever.
I am Cynthia, 5 7 ft tall 135 lbs with black hair, blue eyes and with average body type. Single and never married with no kids too...That was very nice of you i am also not into games nor to hurt and cheat on my mate i am new to this site ...Anyway ....I was once in The USA and was in CALIFORNIA.............
I m well educated, Originally from Ghana and living in Accra the city... and well committed Christian i do always attend church always and will describe my self as I would describe myself as an elegant, stylish and very charming woman. I have a lot to share with my life partner, and keep in a good shape both my body and mind. I value the laws of ethics and good taste both in others and myself. I am an optimistic, tender, lighthearted lady. I am waiting for the real man , who is tender and faithful, who is caring, intelligent, well-educated and with good sense of humor and at the same time responsible, independent, decisive and self-urged , who is a defender and support for me and does his best trying to achieve his goals in life. The most important to be the best friends for each other, and also to choose each other as number one in our lives. I have lots of tenderness in my heart to share with my husband. My dearest dream is to have a family of my
own, a loving husband and children. I want to realize my desire to have a cozy and harmonious house; I want to take care of my family, to love and to be loved. I dream about finding my second half and give all of myself to him. I am looking for a man to open my heart up to. A man to build with, to dream with, to love unconditionally through good and bad times. When you are with the right person there is nothing more wonderful and special. For me love is having someone to share everything with - both people sharing their hopes, dreams, experiences, fears, success. Email me back and tell me more about you and send me some pictures of you too..
New Friend
Hello My Dearest One,
its my pleasure to reply u this letter............. and am very greatful to hear...... from you again thats was good of you.........How are u doing now my dear ?i hope by the grace of almighty God u are doing great as i am my very single and looking for some one special like......... u some one who is honest and caring some one who can be with me as well ..Well i hope u are also looking for some one special like me........u are soo gentle and kind i will like to know u... more what are u looking for in a woman? what do u like to do with your love ? what do u do for fun? and what s......... ur best thing in a relationship.......? i will be glad to know all this because i can feel in my heart that u can be my love and i can see....... in your heart and feel in my heart .....and having one brother am lonely at home and i need some one who........ can be with whom i can talk to who...... will make me happy always who will be my lover and my Friend i know i have not ofended you for telling you all this because am..... trying to let you know everything about my dear am a poor....... girl let me say i have no one as....... well so i don t want any man who will hurt me my dear ......Well since u know as love is concern what the heart can see the eye can not see i can feel u in me and i will like to know who u are what ur heart also tells you my dear ...........As u know am a good looking .......woman and i respect my self i dont want any games in my life at all because i really need some one who can make me happy when............... ever am sad who can be with me in sickness,in Good health, in All kinds of problems ........... well and i will be in the state soon. as i can it will be good to meet u when i get back there if only this is real and u are not just trying to play....... games with me and i hope u are not.......... going to play games with me .....And i hope with........... God all things are possible we can make it as............... well because since am getting back to the state is no problem.............. my honey man and i hope u are serious............. because if u are not u would not have wasted your time to reply me as well .........Oh thats good to hear from you again i will like to end this seriouse words of mine ........And i will be glad to hear from you and i will be waiting for a reply from you And don t forget about your pics too.. ........mmmmm Well again i will be glad to hear from you..........May God Really Take Good Care Of You.............and not to forget .i love your pics..

Kind Heart,