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yes of course you are right you have the right address and i have add you for a chat so you can accept by gmail chat okay.. will be waiting to hear from you soon
Hello xxx
Thanks for the message you have send me this morning with the wonderful picture. I will tell you also about myself. Maybe then you can tell me a little about you also and how you like us to gos i think we can start with friends and get to know more from each other first..

I was working as a cooker in a mining company here in Obuasi but the company have been sold to another company from the UK and so many peoples were suck and i am one of them. So I am not anyone that special - but I am good at what I do (or so people keep telling me). I enjoy what I do - so that is probably a good thing. I leave home at about 7 in the morning and get home about 6 in the evening so it is a long day.

I live with my pets dog name{agyei} cat name(agyawaa). i do not have children but i will be very happy if i will have one in future who knows,

I am pretty much a beautiful person. I tend to spend most of my time at home and rarely go to pubs (bars) or clubs these days. Pretty much over that entire scene. I like to have a few beers with some work mates after work on a Friday - other than that I spend most of my time at home.

I like to read and I like quiet times and I like a beer and I like good company and I like walking with my dog 45mins a day and I like cuddling and hugging. I dislike idiots, I dislike people who think that they are better than others because they have more money or bigger houses or stuff like that. I like the simple things in life. I like to say please and thank you. I dislike people who take advantage of others (its happened to me on a number of occasions), I dislike brussel sprouts (its a vegetable), I like seafood and a nice steak, I dislike rude people. I love ice-cream and lollies. Thats probably enough likes and dislikes for the moment.

Obuasi, where I live, is a beautiful city if somewhat quiet. There are only a bit over 300,000 people who live here. In summer it is hot and dry (average about 45 degrees) and winter is cold (minus 4 or 5 overnight and high during the day of about 8 or so). But it is a nice city to live in. Lots of parks and open spaces and not a lot of pollution like in other big cities.

I went to catholic schools as a child. But I no longer go to church. I think it is important to be nice all the time not just every Sunday. I know so many people who go to church who are lovely on a Sunday but not so for the rest of the week. I think it is far more important how you live your life, and the respect you treat your fellow human beings. We can all be nice for one day - but I would like to think that I am nice most days. I cant say all days as I am sure I have some bad days (like we all do probably)

I am a simple lady,I have a simple desire to be happy again (which I have not been for a number of years now). I want to fall asleep with my partner and then awake to find still there in the morning (not run away during the night). I have little to offer by my heart. I long to find someone that I can be truly happy with - in the good times and the bad times. I know that sounds a little corny but that s the way I am.

Anyway that is probably a lot to take in for this email. I would like for you to tell me more about you. Who you are, what you want in life, what is in your heart and your mind. Where you grew up and all about you family. Maybe also you can send some pictures of yourself. please try to come online now as i am waiting for you ..

Hope you have a great day
Maybe you will write back - maybe not - up to you.

Would love to see some more photos,

take care
kiss and hug
Hello xxx,

i am happy to read your email and i can see that you are a honest person and you are looking for a wife.. but i will say please forhive me of this i am not the one on the picture my i am a boy of 20 years old and i am trying to use this just for money am sorry this is not good but i am not living in a good situation so i use this way to get some thing from peoples.. if you are serious then i can stop this and make you as my friend and help you to find a woman because i have some anites who are also single and you can see them on cam and you can also come here to Ghana and see them.. if you are serious i will chat with you and show you who i am so don t trust any body on the computer internet i want to be your friend and give me the chance i am call Samuel..

i will be happy to hear from you
kiss and hug
Hello Mr. xxx

I will really like to call you Father because i lost my father for some years ago.. anyway thank you for the email you have send me and i am very happy to read it and yes of course i will be very happy to see you here in Ghana as well and my family will be happy to have you here and welcome you as well.. i am not having a pictures of my anti now because i am not living with here she lives in another city far from me but i have call her on the internet and have told her about whats going on and she will be very happy to have you because she always says she is interested in white man because there are so nice and sexy..

anyway i also don t have a pictures of me now but i will really try this as soon as possible to take some and send you by email and also i will send yours to my anti as well.. she ask me to tell you that you can call her on the mobile is you want and then you can talk on the mobile and send sms too.. i will send her your email address so that she will always send you an email and them some pictures of her.. if you want to talk with me also on the mobile i can give you my number.. please tell me what work do you do?? be honest with me because i can see that you are a serious man and i promise i will do all my best to help you to have your MRS.Right trust me..

also you must know that you have to be ready that you will come here to see our family i promise you will be really happy here
anyway i will end here so let me know is you are interested of talking with her on the mobile and i will give you er number okay and also my number
i hope you are doing good and please do this i am telling you the fact DON T TRUST ANY WOMAN ON THE INTERNET.. i will really help you
i hope to hear from you soon
your new friend or son

i have not hear from you on today and i am asking where have you been?? are you honest with me?? please send me an email and tell me where youhave been
i hope to hear from you soon
your friend Samuel
Dear Father,
i am very happy to read your email and also i will always thank you for been honest with me but please i will always like to tell you this. do not believe any woman on the internet because it is scam ok.. i have call my anti and told her that you can not talk to her but she don t have an email address so i have told her to register for one and after i will give her email address to you and you can write her and tell her all about your self..

She is happy to know you and looking forward to get in contact with you as well.. i know that you will need to work always and not all the time that you will get the time to send me an email.. it will be good and nice if we can have one day to chat with each other i will really love that but only if you may get the time to chat with me..i really can t wait to see you here in Ghana and then show you around and also my family will be really glad to see you.. i will ask you to wait till Monday i will give you her email address..

be honest with me and i promise i will do all my best to help you to get your miss Right..
i will like to end here and i hope to hear from you soon
have a good day and also take care
your son
Dear Father
i have not hear from you today and i am asking do you work on weekends too??
i have talk with my anti and she is ready to register for the email address on tomorrow so you will be
able to have an email address from her on tomorrow if that may b possible then..
i am looking forward to hear from you soon
your soon