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I ve been using Gmail and thought you might like to try it out. Here s an invitation to create an account.
U faund me, i would like to be that mrs right,
i am here, i am lonely too, i dont drink or smoke, i dont gable either...
My name is Ndahambelela(Ndaambe) in short, my school name is
Wilhelmine, surname: Shipweya
Hi, yes, i undestand.
I am falling for u... I dont work, i go to the university. I dont care
much about it... For two years i have been failing. I want a man is
true... Come here to Windhoek, lets meet in person. We will talk much,
even if we have to talk all night... I want u, i want u for real...and
those horny pics u sent me. They turn me on already
i will try to sent tonight
I am fine, i am happy that u like the pics, do u want to come this
year, end of november, i want to go back with u, i am falling for u...
I love u
i want u to come anytime from today,
i am happy to meet you on the internet
and i am sure i will by the happiest lady if i meet u in person
Hi, i too, dont know why, may be u miss spell my user name
yes this time it reaches me
thanks for keeping trying
Hi, yes, that is a good idear, i have a valid passport so i may travel
with u back,
hi, dont have anything to say

i love u
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Ndahambelela Ship has invited you to Classifieds
I have just joined the Classifieds network. I wish to invite you to Classifieds as well.

See you at Classifieds

Ndahambelela Ship
i hope you will like them
i hope u will like it

i sing in a choir
a university choir

please tell me if you like it
i am crazy about it
how have you been
i am waiting for you
i am counting days
i love u
My phone number is +264814660301
I am waiting for u

you may call me on my mobile phone
the phone number is +264814660301

i am guessing that you have the same problem that you had in the begining
that you are trying to email me
but the emails are not reaching me

i suggest may be open a new account on gmail so that we chat
and try to sent me an email with that new account you will open

please try to reply on my email
you never know one might reach me,
would you please sent me even an sms just to tell me what is goin on
my mobile phone number is +264814660301