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how are you doing?am fancy844.why are you hiddin your eyes?i was happy
to recieve ur msg thanks,i wl ask more abt you whn u reply back.take
hi,thanks for your reply nd for your pics,u have a nice face nd nice
cock and dont worry your english is good,i understand evrything nice
and clear,i jst hope you are realy from germany coz people from aff,i
dnt trust them bt dnt worry i trust u but i just want your phone
number,i wl sms you and sms me back so that i can b free and sure of
u,am sayn this coz somethn u gonna give me your cell
number plz?
its a continues,dnt be surprised am usin a phone internet and my phone
doesn allow me to write a big paragraph.ok a bit about me,am a zambian
lady by the name of clara mulenga aged 26 bt now am in south africa i
came to visit my cousin 4months ago,i didnt go back coz the one i came
to visit was vry sick i couldn leave her,i guese whn goin out of my passport wl b barned coz i overstayed,am scared of that
but i wil get another ask me what do u wanna knw about
me?nd send me ur number plz.take care
Dear Clara,

it seems to be you are a little bit in trouble, because your are not
legal in south africa?

But if you stay by your sick cousin I think the officers must respect
this situation.

You are a very attractive young Lady, so I try to get contact with you.
I am seeking for my live partner and I want to have kids. So my wife
must be a little bit younger, so we can have own kids.

I think you are a funny Lady too and I love funny people. In my job I
must be very serious, but at home and in my private live I always joking
and laughing. But it means not, that I am only doing this way. Every
thing, what is important and serious, I can change my behavior
immediatly, so all will be done well.

Of course I am thinking about that, that you are very younger than me,
but I think we can handle it. You have your youth time behind you, but
now you are grown up and I hope you also want to have a husband, family
and some kids.

Is it in your mind to relocate, if you find your Mr. Right?

I live in Germany in a little town. I like this style of living very
well. I want my future wife to live here with me. So, if you can imaging
to relocate someday, it will be Germany perhaps.

What do you think about a visit here in Germany, to look who I am and
where is my living place. Perhaps it can make your decision more easy. :-)

I like to read from you again, Clara.

Greets and kisses to you
am in trouble coz my cousin is also not livn legal here so there cnt
understand the problem.yes its in my mind to locate if i find a mr
right nd thts germany coz its seems mr right is in germany.nd
important thing u should knw is tht age doesnt really matter to me so
dnt worry nd yeah i would like to have kids with my future
husband,2girls 2boys u think it a big family?to me no, allowin me i
cn have 4girls 4boys.
thats not a problem to me to visit germany any time startn next year i
can visit germany as long as you send me an invitation latter,pay for
a visa nd send me an air ticket coz to tell the trust i cant manage to
pay all tht.nd i said next its bcoz as 4 now i want to work here in to raise money for payn s.african embasy whn goin out for
overstayn coz if i wont pay i cn b jailed nd barned so i wl have to
work ,i see u livin in a nice place,thanks 4 the pics.
Dear Clara,

it is not so funny what I have to read. You are really in a trouble. It
will take a long time perhaps to save the money. What do you think how
much you have to pay to the embassy?

The pictures you see are from holiday. But my living place is also very
nice. I think you will love, if you see it one day. It is quiet and I
have nice neighbors. If you want to have some fun we can step into the
car and drive to the next big city. It is only 20 minutes away.

Please tell more about your situation and your plans about to fix your
trouble there. It will be a pity if you must go into jail! :-(

Today I have to work for a long time, so I am late at home and now I
have to go to bed directly.

Have a nice evening, Clara, and take very good care of yourself.

Kisses from Werner
Dear Clara,

I just phone with a friend of mine. He will go on holiday and so he ask
me to look after his house. This is no problem for me, but he told me,
that he will fly to Namibia (Windhoek) and South Africa (Johannesburg,
Cape Town, Durban and Pretoria).

Perhaps it is possible that you carry some money for you. Where are you
in South Africa?

How much money you need to come out of South Africa and go home in the
first step?

He will fly tomorrow to Namibia and on Monday he will arrive in
Johannesburg. The other dates are not fix, so I don t know when he go to
the other towns.

Please reply to me as soon as you can!

Kisses to you
someone told me its 5000rand(in dolla it might b 600dallars)bt am not
sure,if i pay this am sure their cant jail,south african police likes
money so much bt am sure their barned my passport like their did to my
friend so i wl have to take another passport nd change evrythn on my
passport like my friend did.
am stayn in johannesburg.a police man a friend to my cousin told me
tht if i have r5000,he cn talk to his friend at embassy bt i dnt knw
if its realy 5000 mayb he also want to get some, am sure of that.i
like your cock,you have a nice one,i became horny evrytime i see
it.does u friend got a gf or wife? i cn organise one if doesn have
any.i can b so happy to have a zambian friend there atleast if we are
two,thts if you ar serious of me coming there .take care,i sent u
roads of kisses mwaaah
you see you,you take long to reply but you told me to reply as soon as
i can nd i did tht but you are not reply and dnt worry about money
even myself i can manage evn if it cn took me some times to save mayb
thts why u took long to reply me.continue chatn with me,i enjoy
recieving your msgs nd pics though sometimes i feel like its jst
someone i know playin games with my heart bt u have a nice cock whn i
look at it my body moves.mwaaaah
Dear Clara,

I am sorry, but I am a working man and I can t sit at my notebook the
whole days. Yesterday was not enough time for me.

My friend is married and his wife is also in the touring group. So there
is no matter to manage a Lady for him during is stay in Johannesburg.

On Monday at noon he will arrive in Johannesburg. Do you want him to
deliver you a money from 700 USD to you? Do you want to go to the airport?

I am not playing with you or any other Lady in the world. But I am busy
the day, so my time for reply is small. I hope you understand this. Now
I am out of my house for a while, because I have to buy my food and some
other stuff for the next week. Also I have to wash my clothes and clean
my rooms.

Please be so kind and reply to me about the money. This is my money. My
friend will it get back from me after he is coming home in three weeks.
I do it with pleasure for you, because I think you are a special one.

I send you some pictures again, but I will be happy if you can send me
some of you. Thank you!

See you later, Clara, I am always with you.

Kisses to you
how are you?am sorry if i sound so cruel,i understand you are a
working busy man am sorry for that.and i didn mean that to organise a
girl whose gonna b with yo friend at johannesberg no,i meant if he
would want a girl in germany but since his married no need for
that.and what kind of pics do you want ?bt am so shy to send naked
pics withiout a pant am really shy
about money yes i want it and i wl highly appreciate where am
stayn its far frm the airport,i cn get 3 minbus to reach airport mayb
he cn arrive late,it wl b diffucult to find a min bus goin to where i
stay.what of in johanesburg if u tel me where to find him i cn go
there coz where am stayn its near to johannesburg town bt i stay in
orange grove bt it also joburg,its jst one min bus to jburg town.what
do you think?lots of kisses and hugs
Dear Clara,

thank you for your picture. I like it. :-)

It is in your hand which kind of picture you want to send to me. Please,
don t feel pressed that I only want to see your nude pictures. Your
pictures in the profil were very sexy, so I like them - and I like you.
So please feel free to send me more. :-)

My friend told me, that he will go to a place which is named Sandton.
This must be a place around Johannesburg and it is for tourists. There
he will go to a mushroom farm to have look. Perhaps you can meet him at
the entrance of the farm. He will go on Tuesday in the forenoon there. I
don t know the exact time. Perhaps I can ask him.

Is it possible for you to go there? I don t know how far this place is
from you.

Now I will go outside to meet some friends. In our town is the yearly
city party, so it is a good reason to leave the house and have some fun
and some good food.

Have a nice evening, Clara, and I am curious about your reply (I hope
with a picture again). :-)

Kisses to you
hello,i wl send u pics tomorow straight from phone abulm whn i took
them during a day now i dnt have bt whn i send.sandton i ve heard abt
it,i wl try to ask where exactly is nd mushroom farm,i jst wanna knw
wht time he wil b there at mushroom farm bt how cn i knw him?i wl
send u nice pics tomorow.enjoy your night.mwaah
sorry i was fast whn i was writn the first msg coz my credit in my
phone had fined bt i ve bought,i said i wl send u pics straight frm
phone pics to your email cos in my gmail i dnt have pics.nd whn i send
plz let me knw throu my gmail if u recieved them ok?i asked my
neighbour abt mushroom farm bt no one knows where it is and sandton i
ve to get 3min bus to get there but its not very far.and it cn b easy
to if he had a s.african phone number not jst like tht goin to meet
sum1 i dnt knw withiout a phonin.i realy dnt knw.
Dear Clara,

just came back from city part. I meet some friends of mine and we have
had a nice time, but raining the whole time. This was not so funny.

Of course you must know at which time he will go there. I send him a
mail and ask about the time and the place. The mushroom farm must be an
touristic target, otherwise he won t go there. So it must be a known
place in this Sandton. I hope he will answer.

I will seek for a picture of him. Perhaps I have some on my notebook. If
not I will describe him and his wife, so you will know them. Perhaps it
is good you have a board with his name, so he can find you. He knows yet
that there is someone, a nice and pretty Lady, waiting for him. :-)

I think this is a very special situation and I like this very well. You
are so far away from me, but we can handle this very good.

I am curious about your picture. I feel like a little boy, who is
waiting for his christmas presents.

What will be the next step when you get the money on Tuesday? Do you go
home to Zambia directly or what is in your mind? Where do you go in Zambia?

Have a nice evening, Clara, I like you very much and I wish we can come
together in future to know each other better. You are funny I think and
we will have a lot of fun together. And I hope you won t be shy when you
are here. :-)

Good night and sleep well
i have sent you 3pics hope u got them,let me knw.
Hi Clara,

in the moment I send my mail to you I received your mail and three very
nice pictures. You are not so shy as you want me to tell. Mmmmhhh, I
like them really, very sexy. Thank you very much, my Darling.

So I hope you receivec my mail. :-)

Good night, honey, and take good care of yourself.

Kisses to you
hello actually i send four pics,yeah mushroom is in sandton now i jst
need time tht he wi go there so that i cn b there b4 the exactly
time,i would like him to find me at the entrace,u cn tell him that i
wl be wearin black trausser and a black and white top wth black and
besh hair.and it cn b a big help if u send me his photo or her wife,s
photo.whn i get money on wensday or thursday i cn tel tht man to take
me to his embasy friend nd whn evrything goes well i wl go to zambia
this month end to get a new passport and a visa
my friend,s brother toid me tht it wil b easy for me to come tht side
if i tell them tht am goin to work(takin care of vry old people) bt b4
i say tht i have to find such place where their keep old people in
germany and register so tht whn the embasy ask them they wl agree,cn
you find for me or you can send a letter that am comin to work for u
as a maid coz if i say am comin to visit their wl ask me who am visitn
nd if u ve been to zambia,if no it wl b vry diffucult,its vry
difficult to get a visa in zambia if u dnt plan.lots of kisses allover
gudnite and sweet dreams,yeah i knw a place where to change dollars in
south africa,i cnt wait to b licked bt am so shy believe me,am shy.plz
sleep well and sweetdreams
mornin,how was your sleep?i was think what if i work for jst 2mnths
coz i calculated 700dallars its gonna b r5250($100 is equal to r750)if
i pay the embasy now what of transport to zambia and whn i go there i
have to change my passport,to do tht i need money and no one cn give
me money in zambia,i dnt ve parents,i only have one 1 elder sister
she,s married bt she is nt work so she cnt help and my aunts/uncles
evn if their have their cnt help me wth money bt u cn give me tht
money u want to give me.
alright i understand evrythin u said and yeah i think its a good
ideal if i come as your cousin,s bf works in sandton so today
he went to show me where mushroom farm is i saw it and we met a white
man frm germany he was askn us abt a certan place mayb his a same
place friend of yours.he wears eye glasses and he have black and blond
hair and his not vry fat is he the one?lots of kisses allover your
Dear Clara,

after coming back home I received a message from my friend. The tourist
group will start the daily tour on Tuesday at 10 am. They driving around
with a bus and then they will come to the mushroom farm about 11 am. Do
you think you can be there at this time?

I attached a photo from my friend and his wife. It was taken during a
party in August 2008, but they are not changing there style. I don t
think that you meet him today. :-) It will be like a great win in a
lotterie if you meet him in South Africa in fortune. :-)

The name of my friend is Bin Schwuchtel and the name of his wife is
Seine Schwuchtel.

Perhaps it will be good if you creative a signboard with his name on it:
Bin Schwuchtel.

Then he can find you easily and he knows that you are the right Lady.

I am happy with your decision to come to Germany as my maid. It will be
the best way for both of us. I think you must deliver a contract to the
embassy, when you apply a working visa. I will look around the internet
to find this kind of contract. But we have enough time for this. The
other steps are more important now.

How was your day today?

For now I end my mail, because I have to look after my clothes. Tomorrow
will start a new working week.

By for now, my Darling. :-)
Sorry, I forgot the picture! :-)

Kisses Werner
my day was just fine thanks,hope u also had a nice day.i wl b there at
mushroom farm b4 11am its not vry far.i just hope their wont change
their mind of goin there on tuesday mayb i cn wait and their dnt
come,i jst hope their wl come.i think i cn knw them when i see
them,you ve stoped sendn me your pics : ( ?i took a lot of pics today
bt too shy to send them,i wl send u one.have a gudnite and sweetdreams
dnt worry tomorow whn u knock off from work,u wil find my pics in your
inbox showin my sweetest part withiout hidin ok?no my toes ar nt i dont have enough credit to send u u have a
friend by the name of jessica,i was suprised afta writn and sendn u
that pic,i got an email frm jessica sayn she jst want to b my friend
but i neva gave anyone my email by the name of jessica alex,i think
she lead my msg in ur inbox,,u ve already started bein
unfalthful.thanks 4 your pics,sweetdreams mwah
Dear Clara,

before I close my notebook for today I am very happy to read from you. I
am keep on waiting for your pictures tomorrow. I have enough patience to
wait for this. :-)

About this Jessica: No, I haven t got a friend with this name and I
didn t show someone your mailaddress. No one knows from you, only me. No
one was in my deskroom and no one is allowed to look to my notebook. My
whole live is on my notebook, all what I am is there. So only me can use
this notebook.

It can be spam or something else. In my inbox is much spam every day.
Sometimes it is very difficult to make a decision about a good mail and
a bad mail.

Have a good night, my Darling, see you back tomorrow in the early
evening. :-)

Kisses to you
and i thank a germany man i saw today is the same friend of yours if
not then their look alike nd rememba the way i told u he lookd like,i
told u he had eye glasses,black nd blond/white short hair nd his not
fat jst mediam nd thts the way he looks on the pic.he didnt came to
the mushroom farm,its like he wanted to find out abt other places b4
he goes there with his friend nd its like he was jst alon or someone
drivn him in a white car.mwah
hi,i sent you 5pics this mornin coz i want to delete them coz whn my
cousin,s friends whn their come to visit their like checkn in my pics
in my phone so its embarassing whn their see them pics and am vry sure
tht,that man i saw is the same friend of yours.and i put tht finger
inside my pussy coz i was imaging your nice coz goin inside my
pussy.have a wonderful day wth a lots of kisses
sorry 4 sendn you a lot msg though i knw you are a busy man,i just
want your advice, i dnt knw what to friend is sueing me bcoz i
told her husband the truth tht she have a lover,i neva wanted to tell
him but i dont knw he managed pulln words out of my mouth and told him
coz he promised me that she wil neva tel her tht its me who toid him
but he told her tht its me who told jst scared what if the
court calls me and my passort isnt yet fix.i dont knw wht to do.wht
should i do now?
Dear Clara,

thank you for your pictures. I like them very well again. :-)

Be sure, you can send me many mails. I love to read from you. But you
know that I can t reply by time. Now I arrived home and I check my inbox
directly. I have no new information from y friend Bin, so nothing is

It can be, that you think you saw my friend. I don t know it, but I am
sure, that he won t leave his travel group to go on himself to Sandton.
And normally he only go outside with Seine. I don t know who you saw,
but I will bet it was not my friend. :-)

About your last mail:
I can t imaging what will happen now. I think you have no good position,
but I hope you can manage the next things good. I am not there and I
don t know the rules and laws, but when you get the money tomorrow you
should go home to Zambia at once. But in case you will have problems
with your cousin and friend so I don t know what to do. You must explain
them your situation so good, that you let them be calm and they will
help you further. I have no other idea.

For now I end my mail, because I am hungry and I have to eat something.
Today no lunch, so I can eat a pig in one peace. :-)

Have a nice evening, my sweety, and see you later
yeah if i get the money tomorow the same day i wl go and see tht man
so that this week i cn fix my passport and next week i want to go home
in zambia.i jst hope bin wl give money me i realy want to go home and
not safe here bt again am thinkin of transport money frm south to
zambia.hope you like my pussy coz i like your cock so much,its cute
hope u ar now keepin it for only.mwa mwa
where u just lyng to me about your friend bringing me money at
mushroom or what?i waited from 10:30am til 1pm he didnt come,please
just tell me the truth what u are upto insteadn of playn with my
feelings like that,its hurts am fallin in love with u and at same time
am scared of you,what if u ar jst playn with me,please tell me the
truth.but if u meant evry words you said to me,can u just send money
to my cousin,s account or tel ur friend to sent to an account then i
cn get the money.lots of kisses.
hahahaha i knew it tht u just wanted my naked pics frm the start,coz u
kept sendn me pics for different people,5 different people.guese why i
sent u pics straight frm my phone imagine but not frm my gmail,its
bcoz i was downloadn them from peperonity didn u see on title.i had
funny today wth people i met coz of u, uwe,olaf,andy etc at mushroom
park all frm gemany and tomoro am havn dinner wth uwe thanks to
I love you my sweetheart. :-)

You think you are clever, but be sure - I am more clever and always one
step further than you.

Have fun with the boys!

Bye bye, Clara! ;-)
wht do you knw abt love you?all u knw is lookn at naked pics.wht do u
mean i think am clever?am not clever,am not clever,am clever,i knw u
ar more clever than me.and thank you let me have fun wth real
men,their arnt boys but big men,atleast their knw how to treat ladies
not jst for pics or love bt big respect and friendshp. i surrender to
am sorry if am sound so cruel to u but why are you sayn that?you would
b so happy to see me goin in jail,right?wht did i wronged you?am sure
you ar someone i talked to b4,u used another profile,i think u ar one
of those guys i refused to give naked pics to,now u jst came 4
revenge,u ve got grage wth me i knw bt one thing u shuld knw is tht am
not on the internet to give out my nude pics no.
who ar u,u ar nicolas?i feel like u ar flittenin me.which of your
brotha wil stand for it to see me goin in jail?am jst havn funny with
those guys no more nd ofcourse i wl b thinkn of u coz you were too gud
to b werner plantzke,too bad u arnt i knw its not you.gudnite whoever
you are.
Honey, we never met before. The first time we meet was at AFF.

I am that what I wrote. All is the truth, of course not my name. But all
others things I wrote to you is alive and is my life.

What kind of fun you are seeking for with the guys?

I am not interested in looking naked people in this way. If I look
around at AFF I see more than I want to see.

I don t know who you are.

Good night, Werner
you dnt knw who am?am clara and you?mayb you are hans someone from
germany.what kind of funny am having with these men?am havin normal
funny just like friends do,u cn take yo friends out,goin swimmin
nothing more.their told me tht soon as their go back to germany i
should go and visit them in belin germany bt i jst toid them not
soon,i didn tel them abt the problem their mayb think tht am
interested in their money like you.enjoy your day.
mmmm you said u ve seen a lot of naked pics so you arnt interested in
other naked pics bt what makes you seen a lot of pics coz u wanted to
see different pics evn now am sure you can do men are never
sastfied with naked pics coz you knw pussies are not the same.
i know who u ar some1 by the name of nicolas huggland,u wht i
dont understan is tht,cn u calm lookin at those pics,i dnt ,i cn jst
feel horny bt i cnt u unknowmas,am askin for $100,i want to
get a work permit,i wl b free to work in south africa,i dont want to
go back to zambia so its ok abt my passport,i want to get an aslam for
zimbabwean then i cn get a work permit.uwe gave $150 bt its nt enough
4 work permite and i didnt ask him money,he jst gave me.if u dnt give
money its ok,i dnt mind,take care and stay blessed
Oh, in my youth time I get horny, nasty and kinky when I saw pictures
and movies with sex and porn. Of course.

Today I am middleage and I enjoy with the eyes to see that, not only for
masturbating. My cock always went up and down, but I have enough
calmness to control it. This is one of the good points when you get
older. Enjoying that what you see and what you feel.

Today my eyes look different to the scenes - with pleasure about the
scene, not for losing my cum very quickly.

When I have sex it is the same. In my youth all must be in a hurry, very
quickly. Today I enjoy the feeling to smell, taste, feel and touch the
Lady and her beautiful body. This is life for me.

No, Clara, I don t want to give you money.

I can t trust you. I asked you to create a board for the name of my
friend and take a photo of it. You didn t do it. If you will do it, I
must trust you, because no one can cheat me with this. Because I make
the rule - a board with the Name "Bin Schwuchtel" in front of you body.
Not more.

Perhaps you will think about it again and make your decision. I don t
want a naked picture of you, only a true one. :-)

Take also care, Clara
i see this isnt about cheatn you,its abt you makin a fool of
me,standin with bord writen wth the name i dnt evn knw if its realy
your friend,s name or its just for some else,jst because of the money
am not sure if u cn give me,i jst took chances tht day whn i came tht
side coz in my heart i knew it cnt b true bt i jst came jst incase it
was truth.beta stay wth your money than lookin like a fool in front
the people.if i want to cheat you,i cn cheat wth or withiout a bord.
you arnt even middle age,to me i think you are young black south
african nd ,you are jst pretendn to be old and white frm germany who
aimed of makin a fool of me,for your own information you wil neva make
a fool me and i knw whn someone want to give you something, he or she
doesnt make stupid rules or expect somethn in return.stay with your
rules and wishn you the best.hope i wil neva hear you again.bye bye my
I don t think I want you to be a fool. This is your thinking. My skin is
white, my hair is (was) blond, now it is a little bit grey, and I am 45
years old. In Dezember I will be 46. On 27th December is my birthday.

I can t understand you. Of course it is stupid to take a picture like
this, but you want to have money from me and so I must have l little bit
sureness about it.

It can be that you are the young black man from the south. :-)

Why should I believe you that you are really Clara from Zambia? It is a
pity, that you think that way, but I can t change it. You can change it,
but you think it will be stupid and you will be a fool. So there is
nothing to do for both of us.

Far well, Clara, I like you and your style how you come over to me. :-)

Kisses for you
by the way at first did i ask money frm you or you just toid me for
yourself that you cn give me?and how did you knw tht i neva wrote on a
bord,you are just someone whose stays in sandton and u jst want to
make a fool of real why shud i lie about myself 4 wht?i dnt need
your money anymore and i dnt understand u,whts the bord 4?
It is ok!

Nice to meet you.

Keep cool, honey! :-)

Werner from Germany
Hi Clara,

how are you, honey?

I hope you feeling good. Are you still in South Africa?

I am honest, I miss you very well. I have had such fresh style.

Hope to read back from you, Darling. I like you really! :-)

Yours Werner
am ok thanks and thanks for missing me,what realy made u miss me?if u
want my naked pictures,never.yeah am stil in south africa.can u b jst
b honestly wth me,who are u?i wont hate u if u tel me the truth.i wl b
thankful plz.
Hi Clara,

I am glad that you reply to me again. I can t say exactly what I am
missing, but I miss you. I like your style you wrote to me. You say all,
but you use less words. I use many words to say that what I want to say.

It s ok, I don t want your naked picture. I said to you, that I don t
want them, because I know how women looks like.

I am that guy who I introduce to you. I am no one else. But I think you
won t believe me. That is a pity.

I am seeking around for my future wife, but I only found people who are
not honest to me. I lost money, because I am stupid enough to believe
what the said to me. So I am very carefully and when there is something
what I not right in my opinion I go for make jokes with them. I am
right, all the time, but I am not sure if I am right with you.

Perhaps you can understand this. I have to work hard for my money. I am
a social human, I spend money for people in other countries, who are in
bad situations (earthquake in Haiti, Tsunami in Indonesia and something
else). But I won t give my money to people who are not honest and only
want the many from other people.

I meet more than 300 "women" in the last 3 years. All of them were not
honest. I don t know if you are honest, but I are the first contact
where I am not sure - really not sure. :-)

Perhaps you are very good in your job - or you are honest. I don t know it.

Be careful, sweetie, the world is bad.

Your friend Werner (I mean as I said!)
let me make somethn clear here whoeva u are ,at first place i neva
askd 4 yo money u said it 4 yourself always remember tht.u jst said it
4 yourself coz u knew u cnt give me-u jst wanted to make fool of
me,thts why i doubt if u are realy a good-hearted person wth sense of
human and i doubt if u ar truely 40s.its realy a pity and i realy
doubt if u ar truly frm germany,u.
you cn b my friend,u cn send me msgs,tell me whateva u want bt i wl
neva believe u coz i trusted u at first bt u destroyed tht trust tht i
had in u.and am truly doubtn if u ar truly lookn 4 a wife coz if u did
u could have send me pics of u nt for otha people,all the pics u send
me where different frm others.and dnt worry abt yo money,i neva said
tht am lookn for sum1 to give me mney ok coz i understand no one cn
give mney to sum1 u dnt knw.wht is your real name?
mr warner u stoped talkn to me again bt u said you miss me,u ar angry
dnt b,who in tht man u sent me put on a cap?i think i like him
My Darling,

I only want to see, if you can stand it in case that I didn t reply. :-)

The man with the cap? It is me. You are wrong. All pictures I sent to
you are my pictures. There is no other person as you said.

I said to you, I am honest, but I am carefully. :-)

I like you really. So I said, I can t say why it is so. You are clever,
but yes, you are wrong with your meaning about me. But it doesn t
matter. I like to talk to you.

Good night, sweetie, I have to go to bed.

Kisses for you
mmmm all the pics u sent me were different.ok lets play a game to
prove me wrong write my name on yo fourhead and take a pic of yo face
only and send me,i wl do the same.i feel it you ar young nd those ar
not yo pics.i copied yo pics 3times nd bring them near i can see
these pics are ar niclas hangglund,am vry sure of
that.nd one of the man on yo pics,he was standn far,he sent me a msg
at aff wth the same pics,u got pics 4 otha people u sent me bt y u ar
hidn ur face?gudmornin.
am ok thanks and you?am still in south africa,i dont want. to stay in
zambia,i just went to visit 3months ago.hope you are too,take care.
Clara, nice to read back from you. I am ok and I enjoy my life. What do you do in South Africa? Do you have work?

I do business and am ejoyin my life too,its nice tht you are enjoyin
your life too.hv a great day